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Restaurant Owner to Imposes Surcharge For Obamacare

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posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 09:28 AM

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl

Obviously you read didn't the articles. My bad I should know your m.o. by now.

Yeah, sure sure. I read them, I just read them, tore them apart and you don't like the result.
And don't waste my time with crap from Think Progress.

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
Have you ever went to the emergency room? The emergency room will treat the initial injury but will not
provide follow up care. In the case of the guy who died. He did go to the emergency room. He could not afford the prescription. So he died.

The follow up care is a myth, as he can always go back to the emergency room, and receive care again.
I asked where people have been denied care, and you peddle people making choices not to seek care, due to finances as people dying because they have no health insurance. The articles do not talk about how they could have sought care via medicare or medicaid.
And yes, I have been to the emergency room, and know how it works. I have witnessed the illegals going in, just to receive Tylenol and the Emergency Room not turning them away, instead they treat them and off they go, leaving the bill to be footed by the Hospital, which in turn passes it off on taxes and numerous local hospitals have closed because of crap like this.
SO, spare me the whole BS of they can't get care. They just can't get care THEIR way. Like half of the US, they feel entitled to getting what they want, how they want it.

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
Ms. Elder ( Hodkins) went to the free clinic and was waiting for the approval process for Medicaid (read the article) when she died.

Ah, nice article as it really does show just how well the Govt runs things. Yet, you want more Govt control and more Govt free stuff.
I bet if offered, you would still cry about not having the next thing taken care of.

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
You seem to believe that the emergency room is a cure all. If you went to the emergency room with cancer and if your cancer was not immediately threatening your life. You will be advised to follow up with a doctor. That is when the lack of insurance comes in.

Nope, because treatment, by federal Law, is not defendant upon Insurance. Again, John Q the movie is not a true basis of how it works.
They can always return to the emergency room for care.

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
Free clinics do not provide specialists only general practioners. The hospital might write you a prescription but you will have to pay for the medicine.

You mean that the person needs to be financially responsible for their own lives and actions?
My gosh, what's next? Do you expect people to go to work to get paid money to purchase a car?????

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
To further dilute your weak argument most hospital are requiring you to pay your co pay or $150.00 upfront for non life threatening visits.

Wrong again, as that is against the law, to not provide treatment without HI.
Now, the hospitals have gotten smart, as they get the people with HI to pay the copay first, because they are forced to provide treatment and services to those that don't pay.
But, they can't deny service. Please, go back and review the federal laws revolving around this.

Originally posted by FreebirdGirl
If you were interested in the actual truth, you could have found information from many sources. However you are resolved to your rants and lack of compassion. You appear very bitter for someone who claims to have so much.

I have experienced the truth. I don't need Think progress and George Soros to pitch BS as a hot fudge sundae.
I also know how to read those articles and see where the truth and the lies are.
Amazing that people here still think that a headline of an article equals what it is about and what is in it.
I also know how the so called journalist write those articles. They do so, leaving out portions to slant it to their view.

And I am not really bitter, just tired of being told that I must surrender more of MY income, you know, the income that I have worked hard for, made good decisions in life for and have earned, to the Govt to provide for people how have made poor life choices.
Those choices may range from not having an emergency fund, to not living within their means, to living with debt, to not learning a trade, to not staying up till 2 am studying only to wake up at 5am to go to work.
That is what I am tired of. More and more of MY money being taken away from my Family to give to others.

You sound like you are fine with this, you know, taking from some to give to others you deem as entitled and deserving. How very elitist sounding.

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posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by macman

and what happens when everyone figures out that Obamacare is not "getting free stuff", but rather a requirement to purchase a product out of pocket?

Maybe those who got their Obamaphone will overlook the $7k/year they are being asked to spend to support the Individual Mandate.

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

And that Medicare/Medicaid is being robbed to pay for enforcement and pay for those that are deemed too poor.

Yes, can't wait as the irony is very rich and very very sweet.
Those that voted for it, and want it so much are getting the shaft the most.
Be careful what you wish for, as you might just get it, like 0bamacare.

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