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Sheriff Grady Judd, Free Speech, Corruption and Evangelicals.

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posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 12:37 AM
There is quite a bit of info here on ATS about our Sheriff Grady Judd here in Polk County Florida and the controversial things and arrest he and his deputies has made throughout the years. I wanted to start a thread putting those things together to kinda show people what this man is about. From the arrests, to corruption, and a whole list of other things I can find on this guy and his minions of deputies.

First, I'll start with the most famous. This is about the guy from Colorado who wrote that pedophile book. Even though I don't agree with the contents I fully support freedom of speech. I believe that the Sheriff completely disregarded the Constitution in this regard, and basically entrapped this guy.

Secondly, Ill like to link to a thread I started a year or so ago. It was about a lady who was said to be mimicking sexual sounds while inside her home. A kid heard it, reported it to his parents, which then called the Sheriffs department. The lady was arrested for a noise ordinance violation when usually tickets are involved. Little note however..before she was arrested for this, she had been openly critical of the sheriffs department over some things as well.

Thirdly. It seems not only does our Sheriff not like Atheist, it also seems he doesn't like porn. I 1st experienced this one evening searching some adult sites myself. When I went to a site, it said that it has been blocked from view by the Sheriffs Department in Polk County Florida. He goes against everything he doesn't support. It's just wrong and unconstitutional. Not only that, its now Illegal to own any pornography in Imperial Polk County.

Fourth. I guess our Sheriff likes radio Controlled airplanes since Polk County Florida seems to be a testing ground for them. Even though I never seen one, It would't surprise me at all if the Sheriffs department was using them.

5th. This kinda goes along with the first part of this thread. Again, even though I don't agree with the lyrics of this song, it sets a precedent when you start arresting people for writing books and writing songs. Two years in prison for writing a song? I thought this is America. Well it is America unless you live in Polk County Florida.

6th. You can help blame Sheriff Grady Judd for no more Craigslist Escort This is one I really don't care about. It still falls under internet censorship and sets yet another precedent. Where does it stop?

7th. Arrested for not praying before a Polk County School Board meeting. This one throws me for a loop cause I really don't know what really happened and its speculation. Decide for yourselves.

Here are some news related links for Sheriff Grady Judd.

And here is one of my favorites.

I posted seven things that where just here on ATS. That seems to be allot for one Sheriffs Department. Even though I praise Grady Judd for doing allot of good, the bad outweighs it. He doesn't care for Rights...thats proven in the links I provided. He goes out of his way to Influence things he sees fit. There are a number of things he has done that I wasnt able to post on them yet. I'm still working on that for a later thread. All I do know is I was once a Inmate for three months in the PCJ and I know from 1st hand experience what happens to you if your vocal about their Sheriff.

Also, I would like to add that the corruption, like in other law enforcement agencies run rampant. The Sheriffs department, judges, and the State Attorneys office in Polk County are all corrupt. There are rumors of drugs being allowed to be rings, detectives making deals for favors, I mean the list goes on and on. I have a source that has witnessed Grady Judd himself giving underage kids alcohol at parties. He says he has pics of it, but is scared to give them to me. He knows 1st hand what the Sheriff, state attorney will do to punish you when you mess with on of there families. Even though his case got thrown out. Hopefully I can get a hold of the pics..that would go a long way to ousting this guy. Like I said, he has done allot of good, but I cant stand him or his minions.

Yes I do have a personal problem with their whole establishment. Plus I don't like it when people are just praised like this guy is a savior. No one didnt run against him this election and he still won by a landslide. I'm really thinking of running against him come 2016 to prove that you shouldn't be scared to run against someone and so people will actually have a choice.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 01:01 AM
Guy sounds like a real winner. I wish you all the luck in the world if you run against him. But I wouldn't be surprised to find you in the lockup for it. There's gotta be some law he can dig up that for properly punishing political opponents. No doubt some obscure thing that would tickle him and his judicial and prosecutorial buddies a great deal....

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 01:34 AM
Ouch, I guess you're in a tough spot. Given the last post, I went to check out of curiosity...

LAKELAND, Fla. - With 157 of 167 precincts reporting,
- Sheriff Grady Judd was re-elected as Sheriff. He had no challenger.
I guess he just ran unopposed and won without challenge. Ouch... Our Sheriff at least had a libertarian challenger. I'll keep that vote private since I still need a CCW from this Sheriff here every few years. I gather your Sheriff's serve a few years at least? (hadn't checked that part)
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