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Paula Broadwell propaganda PR starts.

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 11:11 PM
Broadwell In Touch With Former Roommate Who Lives In Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – A friend and former roommate of Paula Broadwell who lives in Denver told CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger she’s been in contact with Broadwell since the Gen. David Petraeus scandal broke.

Broadwell has not made any public statements on the scandal, but has spoken to Jessica Peck.

“From the moment I met Paula I was completely in awe. She was my roommate. The program we were in paired people up and I just had the fortune of getting her as my roommate,” Peck said.

Peck and Broadwell were assigned to room together in Berlin, Germany three years ago. They were speaking at a program sponsored by the American Council on Germany. Since then they have stayed in touch.

So they were room mates in Germany for a weekend speaking program and became best friends? She goes on to say.

“I was in Hawaii and it came on the TV and I immediately started crying,” Peck said.

She cried over some one she met at a weekend speech in Germany? Because they became best friends I guess.

Jessica Peck's Overview Current Executive Director/Legal Counsel at Open Government Institute of Colorado Principal at Henley Public Affairs, LLC Attorney at Law at Jessica K. Peck, Attorney at Law, LLC Past Special Counsel at Hoban & Feola, Attorneys at Law, LLC Senior Fellow at Independence Institute Robert Novak Fellow at The Phillips Foundation President at Triple C Strategies Editorial Editor at Executive Director at Colorado Civil Rights Initiative Press Secretary at United States Senate Pulliam Fellow at The Indianapolis Star Research fellowship, CNN's "New Economy" Series at Washington Center For Politics & Journalism see less see all

Jessica Peck is a professional PR person who has been hired to play the best friend who cried I guess. But I have seen this before. I guess I will bring up that thing everybody wished would go away. Trevone Martin and George Zimmerman. Why do I say I seen this in that case? The black friend who was a PR guy who said he was a long time family friend of Zimmerman. Here is some information on that. But the short story is Zimmerman worked for our government through Digital Risk, LLC the same place Joe Oliver the black friend worked. Joe quit and went on a PR tour for Zimmerman saying he had a black friend until he was called out by Lawrence O'Donnell on national TV. Digital Risk, LLC is paid by the government to monitor all the mortgage fraud. The boss at Digital Risk, LLC was even called into the White House.March 22 just before Obama was asked to give his comment on the case March 23. The news knew he had the meeting and wanted the dirt on the conversations but instead they got Joe Oliver PR cover up.
And now we are getting the same thing from Paula Broadwell story. Government PR hired friend to protect the image of someone and misdirect the public.

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