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Taking back the Country.. A Cautionary tale for Liberals

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 10:54 PM
CNN Election Watch 2014

"And in Texas, a surprise upset with over 93% of the vote in. Governor Perry has called to congratulate Bruce Williams IV on winning the Governors seat. We are waiting to here if Sanchez has conceded."

Guest Host Rachael Maddow added," Its good to at least to see a democrat take the office. Even if Mr.Williams did not win the Democratic nomination he did get on the ballot. I am glad to see a progressive forward thinking Candidate replace the neo-cons who have ran Texas for the last few years.."

The click of the remote, shut off the TV.

"You should be celebrating Walls, we won." Williams laughed, "We set ourselves on this course in 2012. Just remember the hate from the liberaltocracy. Paybacks gonna rock. I estimate about two years to clean out potential enemies. We go slow and frog cook em.."

Taking a sip from his Jack and Coke, "You think they will catch on?"

"We have just been awarded the prize. The trick is to sell the win and be gracious. Besides I have the power and lets just say its covered."

Walls shook his head, and turned the TV to Fox

"It is just a disgrace!!! Has all of America lost its mind," Sean Hannity asked? "My god the liberals just elected a Democrat with a criminal record, who is still on probation as Governor."

Ann Coulter spoke, "Its all right Sean we will see that Texans will reap what they sow. It is a dangerous time in America for hard working busi."

A knock at the door interrupted them paying attention to the TV. Walls got up and walked to the door opening it.

"Sargent Jackson, Williams is still getting ready." Walls looked back to the Governor who signaled five minutes, "in about five."

"Mr. Walls the chairman of the Democratic Party has shown up and is requesting to speak to you."

Walls opened the door and the Texas Ranger looked at the Governor elect.

"Walls didnt he tell us to withdraw because it would be a cold day in Hell before we could win. And all we would do is give the election to Perry." Williams paused, "Sargent Jackson tell him you didnt find me in time. I got your back."

"Yes sir.." Sargent Jackson closed the door smiling.

Ann Coulter Voice carried through the room, "Yes Sean, President Obama is supposed to be calling personally to congratulate him."

"Show time," Williams walked out of his hotel room at the top of the four seasons.


Ten Minutes later...Playing in the Background

"It is the start of something new. For to long, those in power here have tried to hold us in chains of..." Williams cell phone went off..

He flipped his phone open, and the mike barely caught the voices.

"Mr.President, Is it Ok that I put you on speaker," Williams spoke as the Cameras were rolling. After he heard the Response he pushed the button. "Mr. President your on speaker."

"Thank you Governor Elect Williams. The people of Texas have spoken with a clear mandate that the policy's of the past will no longer apply. I am Looking forward to working with Governor Williams of Texas as we move forward to a new age of teamwork in restoring Americas economy."

"Thank you Mr. President, on behalf of my Fellow Texans we looked forward to putting more of our people back to work. With a clear show of support for myself by my fellow Texans, I hope we can rebuild the Democratic party in Texas with good people."

What the Camera did not see was Williams reading the look on the local Democrat Chairman's face as it soured.


The next Morning

"Mr.Walls," the Texas Ranger woke up the campaign Adviser. "The Governor elect hopes you'l be able to join him for breakfast. Seems the head of the local Union wishes to speak with him."

"Which Union is it," Walls speaks as he stands up trying to lose the cobwebs.

"The AFL CIO, Mr.Walls." The Ranger looked at him.

"Oh Relax ranger Your driving," He tossed the the keys to the ranger. "You want me to drive drunk... Besides we need to get there."

"Why is it important," The ranger asked. "The rules state..."

"Lets just say they they owe the governor elect close to 3000 dollars. They stiffed him when he was a union member and backed the company over him." Walls was smiling, "Besides I think you might want to be there. I wouldnt miss this for the world."


IHOP little side room

"You little pip squeak. We will crush you." The Union Rep was mad, "You may have won the election..."

The Governor Elect stood up slamming his hands on the table, "Bring it on fat boy." He had made the Union boss jump.

The union boss drew back and hit the Governor elect. Which caused the Texas Rangers to tackle the Union Rep. They cuffed him as he pushed one of them off him. Then one of the Rangers tazered him as he was joined by a second officer with a tazer.

After the Union rep stopped squirming a minute later, Sargent Jackson lifted the union rep off the ground to his feet. "You screwed up fat boy," He whispered into the ear of the Union rep shaking his head. He began reading him his rights.

"Makes sure he understands the charge is attempted murder, attempted bribery, and assault with a weapon." The Governor Elect spoke clearly as the other Guest watched.

The Ranger picked up the union Reps wallet.

"Hold on officer," Walls spoke. He walked over to the Ranger and opened up the wallet. He pulled out three one hundred dollar bills. He handed the wallet to the Ranger, "He invited us to IHOP so we are his guest. No need to add the charge of skipping out on a bill." He handed the cash to the waitress, "Honey keep the change he is not gonna need it."

The ambulance pulled up outside, Bruce Williams IV spoke. "I do not need an EMT. Ranger it was.."

Walls walked over, "Governor, the EMT's report will be part of the investigation. The Rangers need the evidence and to at least have photos taken. Even if you just get an Ice pack, Governor."

The Ranger nodded in approval.

"Maybe the it will be a very lovely Texas Nurse."

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 11:00 PM

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by ripcontrol

That's it?

More! *Shakes fist*

Oh and S&F.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 02:29 PM
November 27, 2014

"We interrupt this Thanksgiving day game to bring you this news.One day before the Attorney General of Texas was schedule to appear before a federal judge over possible electioneering issues in the Governors Election, he was Arrested by FBI agents. It appears he is being held on a billion dollar bond in Lew Sterrett Jail for possession of Child Pornography on both his work and home computers. What has become interesting is that apparently he was actively sharing the Pornography with other members of the Texas Government..."

"Did they release the other names?"

"So far the Lt. Governor, The Lt. Governor Elect, The Texas heads of the GOP and Democratic parties, and Possibly the Speaker of the Texas house have been named as well. It is suspected, from our inside source from the FBI, that several other prominent members of the Texas Supreme Court are involved as well. Rumor has it the governor might be involved as well."

"Pretty much what your telling me is that Texas will have an amateur Governor coming into one of its biggest Crisis in its history."

Holding her ear piece, "Hang on... We're go live to Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, were the Cowboys are down 24 to 0 at half time. "

"..... As you can hear in the Background the Governor Elect is on stage playing the electric guitar with Alien Ant Farm. I've talked with the campaign Manager for Williams and he will inform the Governor Elect as soon as he is off the Stage."

Fifteen Minutes later
Cowboys locker room

"What the hell! You ladies get paid millions of dollars a year, Yet you cant seem to do the basics." The News Camera was on the Governor Elect as he was in the middle of a motivational speech," Listen up cowgirls!" Williams removed his Chicago Bears hat and put on a cowboys blue and white star hat," I just found out that a large number of the officials in the Texas government have been accused and some arrested for Child Porn."

The eyes of the football players went wide at the news and some mumbled.

"Today all of Texas is watching you. Our honor has fallen and the people need hope." He pointed to the Defensive Line backers, "Do whatever you have to.. I'll deal with Goodell.. I want every hit to be felt by the other teams fans. By the Fourth Quarter I want their offensive line to tired to move because you hit them three time harder then they hit you.Do not be afraid to run a ref over." Pointing to the Quarterback, "And you... My god man, be a man. Dont slide run right into them." Williams then paused, "Wide receivers, catch the ball! Offensive line, No one touches the quarterback in the second half, period. I want you all remember two things when you are out there. One if you win I will issue conditional pardons for any of you with legal issues the second I am in office. Two, your not playing for your money, for the cowboys honor or even for your fellow Texans... The second half you are playing for the victims of these crimes these men committed. If you run out of motivation just remember the men who do such things play for other teams and are on the field kicking your butt. They are every bully or other monster the children of Texas face and you can can get some small measure of payback.For Texas children!!!!"

The Coach smiled and yelled, "Are you gonna let them get away with it?"

The whole team yelled no, as some of the members got up and started banging their helmets on the lockers. A cry of For the children went through the locker room as the Cowboys piled out of the locker Room.

ESPN post game

"... Cowboys responded with 14 sacks, 3 interceptions, caused eight fumbles, and allowed no points in the second half. On offense, the offensive line did something it has not done all season, not a single rusher reached the backfield. The pocket never collapsed. I do not know what to make of the governor elect's speech but it worked. I heard The NFL Commissioner could not be reached for comment."

The other announcer was shaking his head, "I still like the outfits the Cowboys cheerleaders changed into for the second half. All of them in skimpy Lingerie, I had trouble watching the game.."

The guys were were smiling and nodding..

"The only thing I can say for the accusations of dirty play, The played like Americas team for the first time in a decade."

Williams Girlfriends Apartment in Plano

"Their is only minor speculation we had anything to do with it. I love the bump technology," Walls confidently informed Williams. "Mostly its on ATS and thats it."

"I expected them to be smart enough to put it together," Williams added in.

"I was wondering what response if any you wanted me to put out to them,"

Thinking Bruce Williams tapped his fingers,"Walls post a thread I wish to to be a guest on their ATS Live Show, Saturday. It should be ok after I have made the talk show circuit. A q and A for my fellow Texans. It can be used to deflect curiosity from the irregularities."
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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by ripcontrol

Good prose. A pretty good protaginist who seems to know what buttons to push in the publics eye. Kind of like Capone, but on a larger scale.

And using Obama's tactics as well on a larger scale.

Am I getting it right?

I want to see where this ends.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 02:52 PM
Nice Story so far.......


posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 01:46 PM
The man was screaming his head off as the water dripped. Drop after Drop after drop, fell on his forehead for the last hour as Walls watched.

"Your screwed, hear me, Screwed!!!! When my friends find out, you and the governor Elect will die," The tied down man yelled as he tried to break his bonds.

"And you'll get my little dog to, right," Walls sarcastically. "Your in the big leagues not the minors. Come on Major, do not prove everything I have heard about the ARMY."

The water drops fell...

The door opened as Sargent Jackson of the Texas Rangers walked in, "What in hell do you..."

The Rangers statement was stopped short when he felt cold steel on his temple. "Good evening Sargent. I am so glad to see a fine upstanding member of My Texas Rangers."

"Governor Williams," He felt his side arm come out of its holster before he could respond. The Gun against his temple removed itself.

"Have a seat Sargent, the fun is just beginning." The Governor Elect proceeded to remove the bullets from the Sargents gun, He paused, "On second thought," He reversed what he was doing. He reloaded the Sargents gun, "Murphy's law. I prefer the men protecting me to be armed." He then handed back the side arm to the Sargent.

"Bruce is that really smart," Walls had a look of concern.

"Damn it we are going to have to trust eventually. If the Sargent will sit down and listen you might be surprise on which side of this he comes out on."

The Texas Ranger had his side arm in his hands as the Governor elect turned and brought over a chair in the dimly lit room. He looked at all three men and made a decision, "You have ten minutes Governor. If I am not convinced, I will throw both you and your man under the closest bus I can find."

"Sargent help me... these two men have kidnapped me," The desperate Major spoke. "They have this Idea I am somehow part of the mass 9/11 conspiracy." The drops of water continued to fall, hitting the major on the same wet spot on his forehead. "The governors man is insane. He accused me of being the demolition expert in charge of blowing up the twin towers."

The Ranger stood up, "I'm done Governor."

Holding up his hand, Bruce looked the Sargent right in the eyes. "I understand Sargent, but before you do what you are about to, considered one thing. I have been recording the whole thing. The major here has not been asked a single question."

A confused look went over the Sargents face, "You have not asked him anything?"

"You can review the recording for yourself, but no one has asked this man a single question.."

"You gotta be kidding me.." The Texas Ranger looked at the man in the chinese water torture device, "You have not asked him a single question?" Looking at Walls and pointing, "Bring me the tape."

Yelling at the Texas Ranger, "They are lying officer. You have duty to arrest the men responsible for this and protect the citizens of Texas."

"Your right good sir I do. Protect and serve." He looked at the man, " Never mind the tape. If you do not mind Governor, please turn off the recording devices. And destroy the tapes and recording equipment. Me and the guest of the state of Texas are about to have a long come to Jesus meeting."

"Please no... I..., " the water continued to drip. "Please just stop the thuds... Please.." then the prisoners emotions changed, "I just set the explosives. I am not a big fish in this I can give you names.. You will never get those up top."

"Actually science disagrees with you, Major. The law of six degrees of separation state that I am with in six degrees of the people who did do this." The governor elect spoke clearly, "As long as they do not know That I know, that gives me the edge."

"At this time governor please allow me to do my job," The Sargent looked at the governor. Pushing the water dripping device into a non-drip position, "Now Major, the truthfulness of your answers determine your own family's life spans."

"Your a law enforcement offic..."

The Sargent backhanded the Major, "My wife was on the second plane you bastard. Your gonna tell me everything you know." The Texas Ranger took off his badge and handed it to the Governor, "Please hold this because I do not want my next actions to dishonor that badge."

Walls handed the The Ranger a yellow notebook pad and a mechanical pencil.

"Ok Major, lets start from the beginning. You where born when," The Texas Ranger began?


TBC--- next post

Please forgive spelling errors
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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 03:33 PM
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7 Days later
Lawton, Oklahoma
Evening news

"The Lawton police Department has released the following Statement.

'At this time it appears that Major Swanson death can be ruled a suicide. It appears that the Major's own guilt over an affair he was having caused him a lot of personal problems and issues. The official cause of death is asphyxia from his attempt to hang himself. '

We have been unable to reach the widow for comment, but our prayers go out to her and her family. It is hard for this to happen on the ho.."


The remote clicked the TV to CMT videos.

"For you my angel, " Sargent Williams held his glass of ice water up. He drank it down, "Well governor, I am in. How do you intend to deal with the names he gave us?"

"A lot of suicides and Accidents do I foresee in their futures. We are going to spread them out over the next few years," cold bloodily the Governor elect uttered. "We are going to have to first clean up Texas. I need the unquestioned support of the Texas Rangers. We have to cull out the corrupt ones, minus a few we keep to feed information to. The whole time, we play the Feds for the fools they are."

Pouring himself more water, he watched as it hit the ice. "I drank my self into a stupor when she died. I have been on and off the wagon for the last few years. No more whiskey or beer to dull my senses. Now, I have a cause," The Texas Ranger spoke. " They took my love from me..Governor, it might not be much, but my gun and those of a few close friends of mine are at you disposal. "

Putting his hand on the Texas Rangers shoulder, Raising his drink. "To the long arm of the Law," The Governor elect toasted.

Walls, Walls Girlfriend, The first Lady of Texas, and Sargent Jackson all cheered the toast. The Governor elect took his drink and sipped it. A coldness none of the other sensed came over him.

I truly hope great maker you are out there. We will need all the protection we can get.


A dark room filed with Smoke
Unknown Location

"No sir," the agent in a black suit spoke. "Whoever did this was thorough. Not a single trace of evidence was left on the Major's body. And they in fact they had the right amount of environmental additions."

"I assume you checked everything.."

"Director, your instincts were right. Our equipment picked up signs the Major had been bound about three days before his death. We found evidence to what our records indicate is Chinese water torture."

Standing up, "Someone tortured the Major for what?"

"We do not know, but whoever cleaned it up, professional. They are trained in the same sciences we are. The autopsy destroyed most minor traces that link it to the place of the murder. We got nothing, sir."

"Go back over where the body was found. Send in the military investigators for cover, the Major was military after all." The Director spoke worriedly, "It appears someone is making a move agent. Nothing and I mean nothing goes to anyone but me. Is that clear Agent..."

The agent nodded in assent.

The Director turned on the video screens for the State of Texas news, "Sell of Cowboys and Texans merchandise has risen by over 20% as both teams seem to be heading to the Superbowl.."

"The governor elect is causing a few issues, has he made the naughty list." The Agent observed as he tried to feel out his boss.

Shaking his head, "This amateur is no better then the new members of congress when they arrive. They either play ball or we deal with them. For now it seems this misguided fool is just like those new congressmen. His only saving grace is he is already towing the company line. We are keeping an eye on him. I do not expect much from him. However, I am keeping an eye on him."

The agent's face soured, but he said nothing.

"Agent, if you have something to say do not hold it back."

"Director, I found the whole pornography affair suspicious. I mean how did they just happen to get that report that the Attorney General was into cp.."

Taking a deep breath, "Agent you may have been in the shadows to long. Our own experts confirmed that the people named where watching the crap. They got stupid and arrogant." The director looked at the agents surprised face, "Yes agent I had it looked into. The Governor Elect and his men were all accounted for. He also does not have the technical skills required to pull this off."

"I do not know sir," the agent shook his head. "However it is not my job to worry over this. I will have the Army investigators look over the house."

"Good agent. I knew there was a reason I liked you." Pausing, "On the off chance your feelings pan out, Bring the evidence to me. I believe it is better to be prepared then blindsided."
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