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Campaign Promises

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 05:40 PM
OK, this is a semi-serious question, in a way. All the same, I decided to put it in the off topic General Chit Chat forum.

So, Mitch McConnel said his goal, or "campaign promise" was to make Obama a one-term President. Well, he failed. Therefore, does it not stand to reason that since he failed at his "campaign promise" that he should not be re-elected?

It's only fitting after all......

As far as other politicians, other than not being re-elected, why are there not other penalties for not delivering on the campaign promises that they make? It would definitely clean up the campaign season if they were held to those promises instead of getting into office then tossing the promises away as if they had no importance whatsoever.

What could we possibly do to hold them to these promises other than the threat of not being re-elected? We need some more options here.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 12:00 AM
I realize your question is serious, and a valid one at that.
That being said do you really believe the sheeples attention span is long enough to put this kind of plan into action? It's laughable. The last election (?) is proof enough that political promises are soon forgotten. Not that it matters anyways. The rhetoric spewing from political mouths is only to appease the masses long enough to remain in their positions of power.
I would love to see campaigns ran on true promises that are fulfilled during a term or two in office. Politicians know they don't have to and the majority of sheeple don't even care. They're too busy worrying who won idol or the race on sunday or what that hot new actor/actress said/did/wore.
The true Americans the Patriots the Constitutionalists, we're the real minority. And if history has proven anything it has shown that we have a long hard uphill battle on our hands before anyone considers listening to us and our progressive ideas like kicking politicians out of office for empty promises.

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