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Widespread Oahu (Hawaii) Ballot Shortages

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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 03:35 AM
I've noticed that there have been no comments about ballot shortages in many precincts in Hawaii and Gov. Abercrombie NOT keeping the locations open to allow people to vote*? Not one peep about replacement ballots being from the wrong areas, so people didn't have their whole vote counted? No mention how some of those replacement ballots weren't even in the right language?

I guess Hawaii is just some backwater of the empire that no-one pays attention to...

Oh wait, this is ATS.

May the flaming and showering of stars begin. Meaningful constructive comments about a remedy for this situation are welcome. Otherwise, I'm just sharing a commonly known tidbit of information.

*despite the mis/disinformation that he did. That was for a different island in the primary election due to a whole different set of circumstances.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 03:55 AM
You know, I'd personally be happy to simply finish and verify counts to what has been done for the purpose of local and state issues which must be determined for as much importance to people in local areas as the Presidency was to the nation as a whole.

After that though, I'd have absolutely no problem with seeing whatever official action may be required to make everything done impossible to use retroactively or against Obama.

^^ All that, if we could just examine in a fair and completely honest way what went wrong this election from military not getting theirs due to a program ordered years ago not being done by the vote changes by computers and recorded on videos to what you're saying here. So much just went screwy and I did a thread on Election day (My good one of the on how America is using as many different physical systems to vote as there are states almost. It's absurd and hard to take seriously.

I say one of Governments top priorities ought to be ONE system across the ONE nation where it is the Senate, House and Presidency. Let states confuse their people if that makes them happy but a ballot should be Uniform for the national offices, IMO.

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