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Let them leave!

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:02 PM
This has nothing to do with the petition crap!
Just felt like that needed to be stated.

So people are crying and whining about how the country is falling apart. The ultra rich who control the business that run this country are starting to become what can only be thought of as greedy little children mad at mommy and daddy. And everyone is worried about what will happen if they leave.

I for one cannot wait to see them go! Watch out for the door as you leave, it's a bit loose because we can't afford to hire a guy to fix it and we're all too damn lazy to do it ourselves.

So what happens if a lot of big business aren't happy with having to take care of the people who make it possible for them to have a business and do leave? I'll tell you exactly what happens!

The country has to reform. Lets all try to be adults for a minute here. Who can honestly say that they did not see this coming for the last decade? It seemed just about all but inevitable that we were going to crumble and have to pick up the pieces.

Lets take a look at our situation and see if we can find anything good to come from it.

*Somebody is going to have to replace all of those jobs.
- New people are going to get a chance to have a business.
- Jobs will be lost but will be replaced with the new jobs.
- New employers will see that they are going to have to work with the employees or that the problem will
repeat itself and their work will be pointless.
- Benefits for workers!

Now I know that many here are old and might be scared of change, that's okay, it's normal to fear the unknown. However, what we have here is an opportunity, an opportunity for a better tomorrow. The nation as it is is falling apart, we can't change it. So why not embrace it? Why not look at this as a time for real change and real progress? I believe that if we all could get over our petty hatred for one another that we could be a phoenix. Who cares about those rich greedy guys who could care less if you fall over dead tonight? Let them go!

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:29 PM
Here is the fault I see with your logic.
"Jobs will be lost but will be replaced with the new jobs. "

The answer is no they will not. Large companies will move off-shore.
Businesses will close because they can no longer afford to hire people and pay their health care too.
Those jobs that will be lost will not be replaced.
Full time workers will be moved to part time.
There may be a few small businesses started by those displaced workers but it will be a family shop and they will be small. Hiring is over for the most part.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by Nite_wing

They cannot afford to pay for things like health care or they do not want to?

merely hypothetical:

Bill is the CEO of some huge business in the U.S.

Bill discovers that providing insurance is going to cause him and the other "leaders" of his business to personally bring in millions less than what they would have otherwise taken home.

While Bill and his associates would have each still had an individual income well exceeding $1 million a year after any taxes, they are not happy with this "hit" and so they decide that it is now time to call it quits.

In my opinion it will not kill Bill to survive on a few million less every year because over 90% of his fellow Americans manage to do it. Bill and his associates would still be incredibly wealthy by America's standards and could still own homes and vehicles that cost much more than any of us could afford.

This is a perfect example of the wealthy having control over all of us and we as a nation need to grow a pair and stand up and tell them that we are not going to take it anymore! I don't care what God you worship or what excuse you use to justify it, 20% of a nation should not hold nearly 90% of it's wealth while the other 80% are stuck with a little more than 10%.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:47 PM
It's not a matter of whether a company can afford to pay Health Insurance or not. Much like it's not about whether a Doctor can afford to pay the outright predatory malpractice insurance or not. Of course they can pay it or the insurance companies would be forced to lower the rates until they could. Literally bankrupting your own client base isn't how that side stays wealthy (which they are beyond all reason too) either.

It comes down to whether the profit margins and expense ratios are WORTH the trouble and the lives invested to run it, by those who own it. Many are now finding the answer is simply....No. I don't own a truck or run a business anymore so I honestly cannot say I fully understand every detail of what the growing chorus of business is seeing to actually make hard cuts now ..instead of a wait and see. However, the chorus is getting too loud to keep thinking it's sour grapes and some bitter old bats crashing their business to spite a President. Something here is out of whack and real people are losing jobs for it...

Question: When 'they' all DO leave....Who is hiring the work force of a couple hundred million people? Who IS left to pay the taxes that support a 3+ Trillion budget now and out to 5 trillion in a few years? ......and all the projections of the budget working are based on a continually FALLING unemployment rate to Bush levels of 5.5 or so within several years. Running off and driving out the money and business can't accomplish that...

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:50 PM
First off, the trickle down theory has been a scare tactic used by the right for decades now, and in reality, it doesn't happen and it never works.

Fact is, the less you tax businesses, the more they tighten the money belt. The reason why is unknown, but it is the truth. Paying out more actually causes them to invest more into the workers and the community.

My husband's company is a perfect example: it is a part store chain that was making record profits during the recession. They reward their hard working employees with chaning bonus requirements so that successful stores who got bonuses every month, now haven't gotten them since, and they cut everyone's hours.

So no, trickle down theory, or companies having to pay out more money will go elsewhere, isn't true.

First of all, there are more costs to consider then paying more taxes or healthcare. There are levies and import taxes to consider. It still may not be cheaper for them to go to another country and export here.
In fact, some Chinese companies are now moving there, to offset shipping costs.

So when you look into it, the equation isn't that simple. Though the GOP scare tactic tries to make it to be.

Fact is, the highest corporate tax was followed by the biggest economic boom this country ever had.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 02:04 PM
Umm... I'm not sure if you mean me, but I do want to comment on that.

Trickle down is one thing and I personally DO think it has it's place as a part of a wider approach. Alone? No.. It's a pack of benefits for people who don't need more of them. No doubt. That is if we're talking about the Reagan concept of it. Whats the answer if it's NOT a part though? Trickle UP? I'm not sarcastic....Poor people don't hire workers and middle class fill the jobs, they don't make them. That leaves only the class we're gleefully running off?

We're beyond trickle down theory though when businesses are simply closing up and shutting down (which has been happening now on a steady pace since late 2007 and apparently just accelerated again...not started fresh, to be fair to Obama). The lay off notices are real enough though and it's a healthy list of them by the thousands or 10's of thousands ...each.

Merry Christmas indeed and I'll say this to be fair as well. This IS a fair way to put this IS a thing actually happening right now. That part is headline news in the business section, not theory. However. IF this is political gamesmanship and sour grape B.S., then I'd stand with the left to see something done TO and ABOUT the businesses doing it. It's not that much different than the ATC Union strike that also effected a nation and Reagan ended by firing them ALL. Business need pay for this too......*IF* the motivation is petty and spiteful. If it's not though, and they see real issues I haven't taken the time to read the fine print and look for, then there ARE major problems that need addressed with whatever has started the latest economic crisis.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I agree with where you're coming from and how you approach the situation Wrabbit. I can't claim to know enough about the super secret inner workings of our economy anymore than the next guy, if I'm honest. Maybe they do have a good reason to jump ship... I just feel like it's rather irresponsible of them not to want to step up to the plate and provide good reasons for their employees to stick around and work harder to make the business that they should be made to feel like they're an important and valuable part of be more successful. IF, there is ever a time when I am financially capable of starting a business of my own ( a pipe dream of mine which I honestly doubt will ever come to fruition ) then I will refuse to do so if it is not possible for me to not only see potential profits for me to be happy with but also be able to pay my employees well and provide them with benefits that would make working at my company the best option that an employee could find.
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