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Summary of Global Condition- as seen by ME

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 10:38 AM
********This is probably under the wrong heading, MODs, would you please relocate. I'm still a bit of a newbie in posting my own threads, Thank You************

I have a routine that I follow most days, coffee, smoke, MSM, RT and ATS. Then, if things are too interesting I hit

Today THAT was the interesting site. Set me off on a whirlwind 30 minute tour of the world. **no mention of the Indianapolis explosion, btw**

Top of the list, but by no means most important:
11.11.2012 Biological Hazard USA MultiStates, [19 states]
sad, yes, dont call me heartless. all I found here was that teenage farmworkers get crushed by contents of silos while working in them....hardly noteworthy on this particular site.

The 'Mass Death of Animals' section must be opened to be viewed. Here is where I started to pay attention. I cross referenced things on news site. Im not going to site news agencies here (Im sticking with the original site, do your own research, and please disprove me, as this gets a bit more disturbing as it goes on.....

14.09.2012 Biological Hazard India State of Karnataka, [Mangalore coastal area] multi species dead fish

29.08.2012 Biological Hazard India State of Rajasthan, Jaipur

13.08.2012 Biological Hazard Guam [Pago Bay] multispecies dead fish

1 25.07.2012 Biological Hazard USA State of Florida, [Coastal areas of Florida] dead fish and birds

12.05.2012 Biological Hazard Chile [Playa de Santo Domingo] post storm penquins and sardines

30.04.2012 Biological Hazard Peru 127 seals

24.03.2012 Biological Hazard USA State of Louisiana, [Coastal regions] two TWO dead sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico

20.02.2012 Biological Hazard United Arab Emirates Dubayy, [About hal mile of Boya Zahra] jellyfish swarming and attacking swimmers

04.02.2012 Biological Hazard USA State of South Dakota, Rapid City ...interesting, I had found a hemmohragic fever in cows or deer, its no longer there...

23.01.2012 Biological Hazard New Zealand Southland, [Golden Bay, Farewell Spit ]

11.01.2012 Biological Hazard The Bahamas Nassau, [Montagu Foreshore]

1 05.01.2012 Biological Hazard Norway Troms County, [Nordreisa municipality ]

etc, etc, etc

BUT WAIT there is MORE

I am not going to dance in a ju-ju circle and flip out over earthquakes until my undies are no longer dry.
Jiggly Jiggly and a bit of sweeping. Scary, yes, deadly, yes, but still fairly natural phenomenon (if increasing in frequency) I will, however discuss the Ring of Fire and volcanoes.

Baby Krakatoa has become more and more persitant in its noise
Mt Cleveland AK took a EQ and is now spewing a bit of ash, not really new, it blew last year
Big Poppa Krakatoa is bit** quite a bit
16.10.2012 06:37 PM Pacific Ocean - Northwest, Japan Unnamed Underwater Volcano, About 3 miles north-northeast of Minami-Iwoto island Volcano Eruption 0804-093 Submarine volcano ?
Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

Okay, how, you may ask do these things connect? Well aside from the fact that we are all 2 degrees from one another at any point on the planet (remember the Kevin Bacon Game?). I say there is a seriously piss** off piece of stellar rock we live on about to have her own house cleaning. Maybe slow, maybe fast.

Oh, and that pesky little sink hole in LA? I'd bet my best dog its a baby volcano. and further more, the Indianapolis explosion? I say methane. These methane pocket have been found in all directions for many 100's of miles.

My two pennies. Any thoughts?

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