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ATS - Home page idea/top topics idea

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 04:51 AM
I think it would be a great idea to be able to filter the home page threads that pop up into different categories. Say if a member is interested in 3 different topics which could be NWO, general conspiracies and world war three than perhaps they choose a filter of those three and they get priority on their home page.

The main reason I think it would be a great idea is around election time especially. And at a certain point ''OBAMA, OBAMA'' ''ROMNEY SHOULD HAVE WON'' gets a bit irritating to see everyday.

I think it would allow a larger variety of threads to get noticed and perhaps open up the threads information a bit through more debate happening. It could also work the other way though with perhaps less getting noticed as one or more topics could be less favourited than others.

Just an opinion though from someone who would prefer things other than 2012 US election threads.
I realize that there is definitely a bit of variety on there but it would be great to have it more focused on what I'm interested in.

Not sure if people share the same view, but would be cool to see some altercations or ideas to add. Not sure if this is in the right place either, so move if needed.
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