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The Story of Our Unenslavement

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 12:02 PM
I suppose that you have seen the video The story of you enslavement but this is the reverse of it Enjoy

If we don't speak the language of slaves, we cannot remain enslaved

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by ninjas4321

Many people consider me to have liberal tendencies (which is true) I fight racism, sexism, religious hatred and hatred of religion, homophobia, illegal wars and injustice where ever i see it... But i have to say that this is nothing more than a liberal wet dream.

Violence is no just a part of humanity, but nature too... This video was probably brought to us by the same people who gave us "feed your cat a vegan diet"

Sadly there will always be violence and physical repercussions to actions. I am no fan of any of the governments. And if they ever collapsed there would be a part of me that would feel a huge sigh of relief. But another part of me would be loading my shoot gun in preparation for what’s to come. This is the reality. So while mister narrator would be skipping happily through the fields rejoicing with his “never punished” children, others would have him, his family, and their possessions firmly in their crosshairs!! That’s the reality!

And as for smacking children... these people are hypocrites. I remember I was having dinner with some friends one time... And one of my friend’s was saying that she held the worlds indigenous tribes people in the highest regard and that we need to live more like them. I agreed whole heartedly; but she then went on to say that physical punishment for children is barbaric... Hmmm... So I asked her which tribes people she was looking at in ore? Because I am pretty sure that most have physical, and sometimes even brutal, punishments for children! There was a lot a spluttering, mumbling and a quick change of subject. I didn’t push my point any further because I didn’t want to ruin a good evening. It’s so easy for middle-class liberals who decide (because they can afford it) to become “stay at home” full time mummy’s or daddy’s, using fancy middle class techniques such as “positive reinforcement” and “naughty steps”... yep great... now try the same techniques when living on the top floor of a tower block with no partner, 3 kids, and minimum wage!! Its easy to use your fancy techniques when Dorothy is trying to put a leaf in her mouth, which she found on the forest floor while our rambling... But now try your “positive reinforcement” when Rosie is about to put a hypodermic needle into her mouth which she found on the urine soaked elevator floor!!!

Nature is brutal... and in order to prepare my children for this brutality we must teach them the reality of the world. Not some dreamy wrapped in cotton wall liberal utopia... that would be just cruel.

So, yes, i have on rare occasions smacked my children... and i believe that it has saved their lives. It certainly stopped my son from running towards roads whenever he managed to slip his mothers grip. Like a mother wolf giving a nip to a pub or a lioness giving a swipe to a cub, i have to follow nature’s rules, and often with a heavy heart.

The narrator talks of freedoms and then goes on to show intolerance of religion and paints a very one dimensional view of it. Not very open-minded in my opinion.

Like i say, i consider myself to be liberal... far more than conservative... but i am also a realist and pragmatist and believe that I can see the reality of nature as well as humanity. Sadly that reality is a brutal one. To lessen our brutality we must teach our children to be kind and gentle. But also fierce and strong when defending the kind and gentle. There are, and must be, repercussions to unacceptable behaviour... It saddens me to say all this because I really do believe in peace, love, and non-violence. But sadly the reality is that some people will simply not learn that the fire is hot, until they get burnt.



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