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Republicans are the better people....

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 04:12 AM
...or so one might think reading many Republican's comments on many sites, not only ATS.

It starts with the implication (in almost any conversation) that republicans are the only one supporting liberty, charity and how (supposedly) republicans are the only people "working hard".

For me, this is totally an insult.

Now....almost any republican and their mama right now are riding the "You will see in 4 years!!" wave how "America will collapse"....and of course, it's THEM rising out of the ashes once America has "collapsed" and re-building this country anew.

Another popular one....that "this country is going to sh!ts" and the collapse is about to come, as happened today on one site, referring to the increased number of Hispanics or whatever is considered as "minority", and we all know this includes women, blacks, and basically ANYONE who is not a wealthy, republican white male.

This post where i found those comments was a pretty good article pointing out the problems of the republican party today and why it didn't make it this time - and nicely pointed out the increasing numbers of potential dem voters and how the "old white males" in the rural areas will become less and less.

The article also "nicely" concluded with

My question is whether real change can take place in the current GOP, given the makeup of the party which seems to be dominated by zealots who have a very narrow definition of who is “pure,” especially on social issues. They are fixed in their views and unlikely to change them as a matter of political convenience or even necessity. In fact, they likely view candidates who try to appeal to a broad spectrum as the problem, not the solution.
Read more:

Here is EXACTLY the problem. Instead of realizing that their party is in fact in a crisis which WILL become even more apparent in the future, they do not see the problem in their own ranks - that they are already entirely detached from who is going to vote!

Instead of realizing this (which i hope will happen after some time once the election shock is over).....they still have nothing better to do than saying "the country is going to sh!ts" - instead of starting to realize there will not be a future for them in 2016, 2020 or whatever future WITHOUT exactly those people who they think are responsible for that "this country is going to collapse".

The fantasy of a collapse of America and then a glorious rise of republicans who rebuilt America is a big illusion - because even if we assume a "collapse" of America would really happen - this does not mean that everyone at the end will run over to the republicans. In the future, as i said already, there will be even LESS of potential rep voters.

Get away from your illusion you are "the better people", the only people who believe in God, liberty, work..and stop wishing for a collapse of America (Sorta "See, I told you so!" style...) - because it will bite you in the a** in 2016 or any other future election in the same way.

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 05:07 AM
I feel you on this one, both major parties believe they are the superior party when
in reality they both share many flaws and each have a few of their own flaws to boot,
i think it is all partly those who would have us stay divided instead of coming together
to say, enough is enough, fix it and stop arguing, just shut up and do your job lol

that is a bit harsh of course but im just insulted that they all believe we buy
into their arguments, when they completely ignore the deregulation of the
economy which led to the financial nightmare we are in now, that says to me
not only do they not care that they are allowing those who would to profit
by taking advantage of people and flat out lying many times, it says they
aren't even ready to admit they were wrong to deregulate those things.

This is the truth, neither party has this countries best interest in mind, they
do have many things in mind, just not our well being. we need a huge change
not this piddly idea of change they sell as some kind of new idea, the fact is
we have tried the dems way and the repubs way many times back and
forth over years and yet here we are, same arguments, same lies, many
of the same people even.

I would love to at least try a BIG change.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by flexy123

Another popular one....that "this country is going to sh!ts" and the collapse is about to come, as happened today on one site, referring to the increased number of Hispanics or whatever is considered as "minority", and we all know this includes women, blacks, and basically ANYONE who is not a wealthy, republican white male.

You nailed it right here, and could have made a thread just on this quote alone. The keys to the good 'ole boys club just don't fit into the pockets of most people anymore.

If the republican party ever wishes to be successful again, they need to contact a locksmith to the hearts and the heads of people.

Plain and simple.

How they don't get that is beyond me.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 07:53 AM

Originally posted by flexy123
For me, this is totally an insult.

It's suppose to be, I think.
I've been watching these rep. and how they are attacking everything.
They need to be on the offensive.
The best defence is a good offence?
If you accept that the rep. are working for the rich (and not the working man like they claim) it all makes sense.
Just like the conservatives 300 years ago couldn't defend monarchy with logic but rather thru emotional arguments (and much fear mongoring - 'Oooooooooh' CHANGE 'oooooooh'. Nothing good could ever come from change. But so much evil could!!) conservatives today need to stop people from looking closely at the capitalist system. Seeing it and rejecting it (wall street/free market system) would end the privileges of the people the rep. really serve.
So they need you angry and distracted with gay marriage, wars, creationism, family values (whatever that is) and what not.

Rep. think they are rebels and mavericks. They are the real flock of Ovis aries.
It's sad really. I have found no way of getting thru to them.
Dem. are different, really they are. Have less tendency to dig in their heels.
But I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out rep. and dem. are in it together.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 08:21 AM
After the elections, I was some what surprised to learn how much Gov. Romney really thought he was winning.
Then, over the weekend, it came quite clear to me why.
The same people, or atleast many of them, who are backing and advizing him are the same ones who said we should invade Iraq and that we would be welcombed as liberators.
Kind of funny, though not humous, how these people seem to be living in some kind of bubble world of their own.
I would guess that they are so involved with themselves, they are just not looking at the world as it really is, but as they would have it to be.
I don't really think this can be said for all Republicans but the party leadership needs to under go some changes.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by flexy123

At this point in time, I think we are witnessing the twilight of the GOP. Their true political agenda has been exposed and soundly rejected by the american people and it's not enough to just change their "strategy," they're going to have to change the way they actually think and therein lies the problem.

I've been listening to some people like Michael Steele, the ex-chairman of the RNC, who are saying things like; "In order to attract more minorities to their party, they need to run more people for office who look like him." Meaning, black people. I remember hearing Fox News defending a gathering of Tea Party supporters against accusations of racism, as saying; "These people aren't racist, just look at them, they're well dressed good looking people." I think we all recall, during the debates, when Senator Scott Brown implied that one can clearly tell, just by appearances, that Elizabeth Warren is lying about her ancestry.

These are clear demonstrations of how they actually think and judge other people. They think it's all about "looks!" They don't even realize that their real problems lie within their ideology and not with the "looks" of their candidate.

I am inclined to believe that the modern day TP/GOP is nothing more than a re-emergance of the KKK, but this time they've traded in their white sheets for clothing that is intended to deceive others into believing that they represent our views, because now they "look" like the rest of us.

I'm not saying that all republicans think this way. It's just that they've allowed this mentality to overtake their party's leadership and they refuse to stand up and refute their policies and statements, which is hard to interpret any other way than to believe that they support these policies.

IMO, the GOP is going down, maybe for the count and I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.

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