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Eternal Hymn. Musical Jesus. Life and times?

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 10:07 PM
I'm gonna start out here with abunch of different song lyrics and I want to see if you can put any of it together yourself. At the bottom I will post my synopsis.

Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Into the abyss I'll fall-the eye of horus Into the eyes of the night-watching me go Green is the cat's eye that glows-in this temple Enter the risen osiris-risen again. Tell me why I had to be a powerslave I don't wanna die, I'm a god, why can't I live on? When the life giver dies, all around is laid to waste. And in my last hour, I'm a slave to the power of death.

Iron Maiden - Out of the Silent Planet

Withered hands, withered bodies begging for salvation
Deserted by the hand of gods of their own creation
Nations cry underneath decaying skies above
You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live

Iron Maiden - Fallen Angel

Azazel is beside you and he's playing the game
Demons are inside you and they're making their play
Watching and they're hiding as they wait for the time
For a devil to get ready and take over your mind

Could it be it's the end of our world?
All the things that we cherish and love
Nothing left but to face this all on my own
Cause I am the chosen one

Metallica - Blackened

Blackened is the end
Winter it will send
Throwing all you see
Into obscurity

Death of Mother Earth
Never a rebirth
Evolution's end
Never will it mend


To begin whipping dance of the dead
Blackened is the end
To begin whipping dance of the dead
Colour our world blackened

Blistering of earth
Terminate its worth
Deadly nicotine
Kills what might have been

Dio - The Eyes

Oh no - they're at it again
Looking inside my secrets
Coming through cracks before I mend the wall

Get out - cause you're breaking the law
How did you ever find me
Places where I can hide can't get much smaller

I have invisible dreams
Where no one can touch me
Maybe I'll find a way to disappear
No one moves - and no one dies
Just the eyes

I've run as fast as I can
Thinking they'll never catch me
What a waste of breath a waste of time

Feel like digging a hole
Going in even deeper
Maybe they just can't see what just can't shine

I'll be lost - so no goodbyes
If no one moves then nothing dies
Just the eyes

Oh no - they've done it again
Sending out the detectives
Searching for signs of life and that means me

In my invisible dreams
When no one is watching
I'd make the whole world blind and I'd be free

I'll be lost - so no replies
If no one looks then no one dies
Just the eyes
Those eyes

Magic numbers
Even sacrifice
I can't find a way
Cause nothing stops the eyes

Dio - Egypt

You've seen them walking on the water
You've seen flying through the sky
They were frightening in the darkness
They had rainbows in their eyes

When the world was milk and honey
And the magic was strong and true
The the strange ones came and the people knew

That the chains are on

Zandelle - Twilight on Humanity

Check out the lyrics to Black Sabbath - NIB

Is this proof that metal music because it has the persona of "devil worshipping" music. Been chosen to bring us the truth about our world history and future?

You decide what reality you live in.

Something to think about. Is dio's the eyes song about psychological war fare with technology? If the powerslave dies (2nd coming) is that the end of the world? Would it be a solar flare (blackened) is the abyss (powerslave) zebulba bay? Did aliens create us?

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 12:51 AM
Musical Jesus?

that has got me...

live like an angel, die like a devil, there's a place in hell reserved me me..
live like an angel, die like a devil, gonna burn in hell that's where I'm gunna be..

edit to add

Man if I were you I'd stay away from bands like Fear Factory and stuff, if you find it hard to break free of trying to understand the hidden secret messages within their sneakily disguised revelations...

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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by winofiend

Yeah the thing about Jesus though is. To say someone has to die for your F*ups is a cop out to accepting responsibility for killing someone who people believe was there to teach a better way for person to person aswell as person to cosmos relations.

The only reason he died is because the elites didn't want to hand the keys over to a carpenter. I wonder if we'd have a similiar problem in today's world?

I would have posted some tool lyrics and what not but seeing as how this didn't take off and I had a feeling it wouldn't whats the use. Maybe you could post some Death lyrics.
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posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 08:35 PM
Figured I would raise awareness aswell.

Guns N Roses - The Garden

You know you're all alone
Your friends they aren't at home
Everybody's gone to the garden
As you look into the trees
You can look but you don't see
The flowers seem to tease you at the garden
Everybody's there, but you don't seem to care
What's it with you man, and this garden

Turned into my worst phobia
A crazy man's utopia
If you're lost no one can show ya
But it sure was glad to know ya
Only poor boys take a chance
On the garden's song and dance
Feel her flowers as they wrap around
But only smart boys do without

You can find it all inside
No need to wrestle with your pride
No you ain't losin' your mind
You're just in the garden
They can lead you to yourself
Or you can throw it on the shelf
But you know you can look inside
For the garden

I wasn't really scared
Lost my virginity there
To a gypsy with blond hair
But now no one seems to care
Like a mouse inside a maze
Wandering 'round four days
With a smile upon my face
I never want to leave this place
Only poor boys take a chance
On the garden's song and dance
Feel her flowers as they wrap around
But only smart boys do without
Turned into my worst phobia
A crazy man's utopia
If you're lost no one can show ya
But it sure was glad to know ya
Bye bye
So long, bye bye
It's glad to know ya
Bye bye
Bye bye long

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 06:42 PM
I just wonder if we can take these songs with a grain of salt or is it just for show? I know the government likes to keep things like this that may have scary truths to it underground for those groundhogs that tunnel for it.

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