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Constructive criticism of Chinas problems. Human rights abuses, corruption, and aggression.

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 08:22 AM
Abuse in Chinese Prisons
The world has a bad prison system. The world over has many prisons and prisoners, but conditions vary.
Some of the worst human rights violations occur in the Chinese prison system. The full blown torture of prisoners and detainees is widespread. There is strong evidence to support the deaths of many prisoners by international human rights groups. Everything from horrible beatings, starvation, and prolonged isolation are all used to get confessions and submission from prisoners. These techniques are not limited to political detainees but to all prisoners for even minor crimes.

Religious Persecution in China
We have all seen the struggle of Tibet's outright invasion by China. A blatant act of aggression and imperialism.
In Tibet countless Tibetans are incarcerated, their only offense being peaceful expression of political and religious beliefs. The Chinese law enforcement agencies treat Tibetan criminals like animals. They subject Buddhist nuns and lay women to violent assault, rape, and degradation, with one Tibetan nuns often killed by such abuse.

Chinese authorities have outlawed ALL religious practice for the most part. They have destroyed over 6,000 Buddhist monasteries in Tibet since the invasion in 1949. These were some of the world's oldest, and so the Chinese have destroyed world heritage in their act of aggression.

Abuse of Women in China
There is not just abuse to Tibet women, who are scared to walk their own streets for fear of rape and degradation by their Chinese invaders. The violence against Chinese women by their spouse is wide spread. In almost the whole country it is socially accepted. Domestic abuse is just another part of marriage. Statistics about domestic violence are not published in an effort to hide the truth, like all of Chinas censorship. The All-China Women’s Federation is trying to fix the social problems but it is met with more than resistance. They fear for their lives and that of their families in most cases.

There are no women's shelters. No place to get away from their abusers. In China it is the woman’s obligation to preserve the family as is regardless of the personal sacrifices required . It is socially unacceptable for a woman to report being abused. The farce of the court system in China does not help. The proceedings can only be held if the abused woman starts and follows through with the complaint. This is hardly ever done since total strangers and court officers will insult or even threaten with violence if the women do. They do follow through with their threats.

Protests of these behaviors have taken place all over the planet but it’s clear that China will not address the issue. It is indifferent to the abuses and the social damage caused by it. The dominance and brutality, the disregard for human suffering continue and will do so for ever as long as the people´s party is in charge. Seeing how they KILL all opposition to the one party system they have, it will never end.

China’s Treatment of Laborers
Chinese laborers are suffering unheard of living conditions due to lax Chinese labor laws. This is an injustice that has been a sensitive issue for many Chinese and westerners alike. It is the obligation of the Chinese government and the Communist party to protect the workers. They should all be in favor of helping the poorest laborers. The reality is that their wealthy are worse than western corporate leaders. They sell their own people to slave labor for profit only they enjoy. Considering the Communist ideal they have lied to their people and made their lives a living hell. The world can talk about the worlds corporate system ruining life on earth but fail to look behind the Chinese wall of silence that their poverty stricken population endure.

One of the most well known examples of labor abuses in China is the Apple product development plants. Due to the enormous demand for iPhones and iPads, like any hot item, many Apple managers and directors forced workers to work nonstop almost to the point of exhaustion. The workers worked insane overtime in inhuman conditions. No bathrooms, pregnant women breaking water on the assembly line, starving, falling asleep, in dangerous conditions, ect. It was not Western managers and directors, no. It was fellow Chinese doing this for a pay check.

Last year there were many of these Apple employees working in these manufacturing plants who committed suicide. This year the managers are forcing employees to sign an anti-suicide pact. That says it all. They won't fix the problems, just hide them so no one notices the world's most prolific human rights abuser.

The legal limit of overtime in China is 36 hours but many of the employees at two southern Apple plants were forced to work upwards of 98 overtime hours in addition to their normal work week. This left them no time for any family life. They hardly had enough time to eat and sleep, or go to the bathroom.

The little time off is spent sleeping form utter exhaustion in overcrowded dormitories that house thousands of rural migrant workers that come to the cities. Most of these workers only make enough money to send home and hardly survive. They have to starve at times, avoid such luxuries as newer cloths, extra meals, medicine, ect.

This is all being done for profit. It is heartless and a threat to the rest of the world since China is looking to expand its business ventures. It will not correct its practices, only spread them to the rest of the world.

The Uneven Distribution of Wealth in China
China has long been criticized for its incredibly uneven distribution of wealth. World leaders and activists have seen that despite their efforts things are only getting worse.

In recent years the number of Chinese millionaires have grown. 50,000 more striking it rich each year. During this same time period the number of Chinese ‘super rich’, those worth more than 10 million renminbi, has also risen considerably. The trend goes on, with over 2,000 Chinese billionaires and over 100 worth in excess of 10 billion renminbi. It is hard to believe that China’s super rich are steadily growing in number while the average peasant still earns less than $5,000 US dollars per year. That says allot. Their form of communism is not exactly true to the parties ideals now is it?

I would hate for that example to be brought to our countries in the west. Makes you wonder.

How can we help the Chinese to distribute the wealth in their country so they are not in perpetual slavery?

What needs to be done to end the corruption from the lowest to highest offices in public and private life?

What do the Chinese need to do to get rid of their abusive and greedy over lords?

Why is the Chinese government being so aggressive in the south china sea increasing its military presence and making the whole area suffer higher tensions, Will they act like they have in Tibet? How can we avoid it?

Why do the Chinese steal from western governments and corporations without reprimand. Our corporate secrets as well as our military secrets. They employ cyber criminals to hurt our infrastructure and steal from us, yet the world does nothing?

How can we help Chinese women who live in conditions we would condemn a backwards Muslim country of perpetrating, yet we do nothing for their plight?

How can the world let Chinese prisons torture and kill their prisoners for organ harvesting. The illegal organ trade is China is a HUGE problem.


posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 11:50 PM
I don't believe any nation, or collection of nations will interfere, China is seen as too powerful. But I do put a lot of hope in the recent protest riots against corruption, and in the underground churches. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to know what the people's chances of success are, or how long success might take.

I do wish the world would put some pressure on from the outside as the dissidents work from the inside, but Obama, at least, won't.

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 11:57 PM
Apologies for this short point

480 million chinese will be dead from old age by 2050.

They have a 1 child policy in place.

That's serious stats

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by magma

You're absolutely right, those are frightening numbers. You must have sent a psychic message to the Chinese.

A new study conducted by the Chinese think-tank China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) has urged the government to soon drop its controversial one-child policy that is imposed on every family with little exception.

Official Chine news agency Xinhua released on Tuesday advanced copies of the CDRF report, which essentially labelled Beijing's strict family planning rule as "demographic timebomb."

The limitations stipulated in the government measure no longer serve the general interest of an ageing Chinese population, which in turn would be left to confront an ever-expanding economy that in early 2012 became the world's second biggest, the foundation report said.

"China has paid a huge political and social cost for the policy, as it has resulted in social conflict, high administrative costs and led indirectly to a long-term gender imbalance at birth," the report was quoted by Agence France Presse (AFP) as saying on Thursday.

"Problems in population structure, quality and distribution have become increasingly visible and will have a profound impact on China's future social and economic development," CDRF added on the report.

China will be best served to gradually relax on the enforcement of the rule, which was first imposed in 1980, and gradually allow Chinese families to have two children by 2015.

Mostly affected by the government restriction, which Beijing has maintained was largely successful in decongesting the national population by at least 400 million in the past 30 years, are families based in urban areas.

By 2020, China should be fully prepared to strike down the policy and allow its citizens to "make more rational decisions on birth issues."

The CDRF report, according to Cai Yong, a visiting scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, strongly signalled that Chinese authorities are strongly considering the revision or even elimination of the policy, noting that the foundation is known to enjoy close ties with Beijing officials.

"That tells us at least that policy change is inevitable, it's coming but we cannot predict when exactly it will come," Mr Cai told the Australian Associated Press (AAP) today.

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