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Better safe than sorry?

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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 09:22 PM
We are 6 weeks away from 12/21/2012, I don't know how to treat the date, should I be worried of what's to come or will it just be another day? I've never been the type to really prepare for doomsday type events. I was wondering, are others prepping for that date? Are you putting together a bugout bag, food storage, escape route, etc.?

I'm 97% sure that nothing will happen on that date (or at least I hope)... Unfortunately, that 3% of uncertainty does worry me to a certain degree. If I decided to put together a bugout bag, what would the members of ATS suggest I put together? I guess in this instance it may be better to be safe than sorry..

Just a side question to those who are familiar with the 2012 topics, do you believe the galactic alignment will do anything? How does anyone really know if it happens every 26000 years. Last time it did happen was during the last ice age (i believe) and we know the earth warmed up pretty quick after...

Ultimately, this event is less than 6 weeks away and at the end of the day I don't want to be that moron who didn't do anything when he had a chance to get himself prepared...

Any thoughts on this topic would be great..

***I also need to stop watching these doomsday shows on the History channel

And i I just need to have a drink, relax and stop worrying/thinking about this, please tell me...haha
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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 09:29 PM
i know that feel bro, When i watch them doomsday shows on history channel as well..

This is what id do in a disaster scenario

Zombie Apocalypse - I would move to the country side and live there

World War 3 not much i can do but follow the basic steps if it broke out

Massive World Wide Disaster STRIVE TO SURVIVE!

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by jhn7537

There are two possibilities from what I make of the situation. Either nothing of significance will happen, OR something so big it will be devastation beyond belief or transformational.

Following those two appoaches, unless you are a mega-millionaire/billionaire and have had some major preps in place, you can only sit back and relax.

The best most of US can do, is to prepare for the worst of the known SHTF scenarios: extreme weather, civil unrest, financial collaps. Do the best you can to address those possibilities and throw a party on Dec 21.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by FeelingPure

I'm like the "one" person who SHOULDN'T watch these shows because I'm extremely gullible, which is a BAD combination with doomsday shows..

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by jhn7537

Let me put it this way. I have that same show on in the background right now and without even paying attention I noticed it was riddled with errors. In order to turn December 21, 2012 into a date of significance you have to twist and ignore so many facts, not to mention how many outright lies you need to accept, that you really shouldn't be worried.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 10:15 PM
Well, I'm going to peru for it. Always wanted to go there, so i'm using it as my excuse to travel..... Besides, whats better than watching the world end from the andes?

To be fair... I don't think any destruction is going to happen on that day. If anything at all is going to happen, its going to be a consciousness shift in humanity. Suddenly we will all gain insight into what we are, and what our purpose is, and we will realize that the life we've been living on this planet is so destructive, that it needs to stop. I think it will be an event that will change how we live on this planet.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 10:50 PM
I am not looking at as a doomsday date; instead, I am looking at as a "some people are going to freak out and do something stupid" day. Because of the hype, I believe some people are going to overreact and do crazy things. Some will do it because it's just an opportunity to be stupid, and others will do it because they really believe that will be the end of the world.

We are not supposed to walk around with a spirit of fear, but I suggest everybody get their hands on some kind of effective weapon, just in case somebody tries anything dumb. For those of us who want something cheap and very, very effective, check out Backbowyer on Youtube. I have made one of his bows and I would put it up against any other longbow out there.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by jhn7537

This is what the government has to say about all of that...

the only question is do you believe in your

i'm not preparing for any specific event on that day.. i do have supplies and emergency kits in case of war, mother nature, or epic disaster on any given day..

peace out.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by gnosticagnostic

What type of stuff do you go with? Flash lights, knife, water, food?? How extreme do you take your emergency supplies and what do you treat as a necessity?

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by jhn7537

well obviously there is a big difference in my bug out stash vs my bug in stash.... i will only tell you the basics of both because most of us don't advertise what we do and don't have...

bug in- I have enough water to last each member of my family for 2 weeks ( 3 gal /per person/per day) plus I have water purification tablets and equipment... i have enough food and seeds... i have flashlights, candle and most things on the fema list in case of a natural disaster ( you can look it up online).

bug out gets a little trickier... lmao.. i bought a basic pack years ago(from emergency essentials i think) and i've been updating and adding to it.. and i rotate the MRE's every year... i have several knifes for various things, camping gear and simple things like first aid, string, flint etc... you can look at lots of pre-packaged to go bags.. many companies sell them... the best thing i have that i will share with you is this... i didn't think it was gonna be worth the money but I was totally wrong.. i love it

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by jhn7537

As a friend of mine likes to say: forget about the end of the world ever heard of Katrina, and now Sandy, earthquakes, Mt Saint Helen's? Or how about a bad winter, or a dollar crash with the economy tanking?...

Get prepared now while you still can its got nothing to do with 2012 fantasies! It has everything to do with a bad economy and corrupt incompetent politicians, banksters, and natural disasters

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by jeramie

As in what exactly? Mass riots? People going on violent rampages? I don't really see anything like that happening. Why would a prophecy make anybody violent towards others? The most I could see happening is mass suicides. There will definitely be many people out there who will panic and kill themselves if they truly believe that something will happen. And I'll be blunt about that: Who the hell cares lol. As long as they don't harm anyone else, whatever. Let them do it. The world is over-populated anyways.

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