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So, why all the U.S.A hate? I think you are just Angry, Frustrated, and Need an Outlet. Chill out.

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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 02:04 PM
Why all the hate?

I don't want to get into the specifics of what makes people act like mindless animals towards other people. I don't want to do that here. What I want you to do is see if you can ask yourself....What do you want? Is that possible? Do I really want that, or am I being told by external influences to want that?

You can blame the US for its fair share of problems. To try to make them out to be the sole problem with the world is simplistic, and false. The reason the world is the way it is stems from more complex, older, and far reaching issues than a couple decades of American influence.

The US´s problems seem more relevant to us since they are happening now. But really, do you expect those problems to not be around when your kids, grand kids, and so on are alive in another form by another empire?

Will there NOT be someone doing the same exact things then? Was there not someone doing the same exact things before the US?

So what do you really want? the impossible? IS that what makes you so frustrated? That what you see as necessary, is impossible?

There has never been a time of absolute peace, ever. Can you not accept that and move on?

I am not saying go join the problem makers efforts, but really, you are so worked up, so angry, what good does that do? What is the positive effect of being mad at a whole continent of people? A whole empire, just because it is an empire and the only way to be one is to use tactics your average person would not stomach.

Thing is, there really is not a better way. Fantasy and idealism aside, in the real world, where actual good and evil play out, there is no other way to do business. Everyone else has the same play book. The human race is not coming up with new ideas in great abundance, especially so for governance and empire. Sorry, we are not that inventive in that department.

What is happening is that with hate towards Americans always high, we don't see a reason to change. The rest of the world is not full of Gandhis and mother Teresas. No. It is full of angry vile people, like we can be and so we know better.

Stop using our power to be the strongest militarily? Well, the world is not exactly safe and friendly. Not even amongst allies. Why should we? Does the world really think it is so noble to just not fall into human nature? that we will not go back to be treated like crap by the world, like before we won world wars? Were we respected then? No. The world did as it pleased and we got trampled on whenever we tried to be a world player.

We had to sit back and hide behind the oceans. Watch as the world ripped itself apart. Well, not anymore. But really, why should we elect a new power? What will replace our current power? Who is the runner up? Will he be better than us, yeah, you think so.....? If they are human I beg to differ.

So is that what is frustrating you? That we suck, but so do you and the next guy? That you know there is something wrong with the "grand scope" of things, impossibly so....and that makes you angry?

That you and no one here on earth now can fix our inherent nature, and that no matter what great ideas you have, no one who really matters will ever enact them?

Before the US, there was the British empire, and European empires, before them it was the Romans and others, before them the Egyptian and others...ECT....all were as guilty of terrible brutality to maintain power over their empires. All gave to the world by advancing the world technologically and intellectually. Good and bad. ALL OF THEM.

SO the cat is out of the bag, empires are good. Your people live better and you advance in almost all aspects.
What idea you got? Peace and harmony? Think that was never tried? Maybe it doesn't work. Maybe the only thing that keeps us going is our war, our empire, and our way of being.

Not very nice reality is it? But it is what we are. It should not make you angry at your fellow man. It should not affect your personal life in almost all regards. You can still live in peace and harmony. You just cannot expect the world to do so. Accept it and move on.

So if you HAVE to blame someone, DONT. You are wrong for looking to blame people. You should not focus on the insurmountable evil of the world as it will always overcome you. Think to the positive things you can do. Think to the harmony you can create in your life and your community. These actions do not make hate fester inside you and consume the very good you profess.

No one will fix the world. Will not happen. Unless those stories about messiahs are true, this is what we got. Don't be hateful and frustrated about it. Deal with it, accept it, and move on. Do "good" that you can do, instead of raging about "evil" you cannot stop.

I think the reason why we all have messiah stories across all cultures and times on the planet is to address this very frustration with us all. HE will save us. HE will teach us how. Because we must accept at some point WE never will.

just stop the hate. You are wrong. Start again.


one more thing.

I said my peace.

In an effort to avoid being banned, I will not comment on this thread anymore unless it is to complement a poster for awesomeness, general intelligence and good vibes.

trolls, flame on.

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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 06:59 PM
Oh gee whiz all this political madness is killing me, I bet if I write a lengthy rant it'll stop!

Just go away. The only one you wrote this for was yourself and you know it.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by manykapao

Stop acting Imperialistic, and the Love will return.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 12:43 PM
After 9/11 the world gave USA all the support it could.
Then you went and attacked Iraq. Why did you do that?
After the illegal Iraq invasion most of the world withdrew its support - you were acting all crazy.
And now you say we hate you because we think international law applies to you too?
Stop acting crazy.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by Summerian
After 9/11 the world gave USA all the support it could.
Then you went and attacked Iraq. Why did you do that?
After the illegal Iraq invasion most of the world withdrew its support - you were acting all crazy.
And now you say we hate you because we think international law applies to you too?
Stop acting crazy.

One second..I am as american as ya get..
I didn't send one person to iraq

So ya best get ya stories strait before you accuse all of us lol

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 01:55 PM
That was an excellant post; it's good to hear such a positive address.

The land of a thousand miseries will always have a wayhouse for those who want to dwell there, allowing their influxes to be clogged by who-knows-what to the incredible, ongoing net result of ruining their life and others lives by sheer constant-effect misery, That should be the principle, the outcome as we measure it, guaged by the intents, not simply the words and moods vented.

It's a wound war most really don't want, and all it takes is one angry effect in a room to put a jackhammer to everyones bubble. It's a wound later we don't want to worry about in the same instance, what are all those Willis's still dwelling on and wrecking the minutes over? They unleash mental degredations on your closest companions, with moods, frequency, and a spiritual density they can feel will degrade and ruin their lives, one second at a time, in case some of you wonder about your "net effect" as people sense you for. We're supposed to care, but when people make the mistake of sharing the misery they are feeling with you on purpose, or to change our tune about issues with anger or threats, they get ridicule from me. Would I not be twice as capable to assist if I were not being lashed instead by your poorly handled display?

Our subconcious operates seven seconds earlier than our concious, and measurements of the brain six seconds early have been proven to measure upcoming activity. Is anything trying to control your mood today? I find a lot of people have poor concept of spiritual boundaries, care little for the subtle or discreet workings of the mind, have loud obnoxious ways that occasionally border of humour, and generally don't appreciate anything about a peaceful atmosphere, or concern for others inner security. It really shows.

I'm not talking much about posting, or even this site, but in person.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:02 PM
Give America the final shove into the abyss!!

Yeah, I agree America can't be blamed for everything but you do play an important role in our current society and you do emanate a lot of influence across the world.

Your culture has spread to every corner of the earth, no doubt.

Though, as any celeb, being in the spotlight comes with criticism. It's one of those things.

America isn't perfect, far from it. Just be mindful of what you allow in. Some criticism can be constructive others only seek to bring you down.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:07 PM
I see three stem reasons for the "way people are" in this ... the first is false blame/false guilt thanks to ignorance (and not with-holding until one is reasonably sure), poor direction of anger : it becomes an area effect complete with a damage over time to even those that people purportedly care about (don't worry about the good mood they had, they're "tough" enough to handle it ... 'i had to take it so do you'), and because the PTB know we all operate worst when our minds are operating at lower frequency and density, hence the social engineering to promote us this direction. Take a break from the media, evil peeps, and don't forget the value of prayer!

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:08 PM
India loves usa

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:41 PM
I think we are all living in a "conceptual America", or at least we want to.

In South Africa what is the lifestyle that former comrades and ANC socialists want?
What kind of products, cars and clothing are the native royalty and socialist black elite robbing the country for?
To live in a traditional village, or to live like the citizens of a former socialist country in Eastern Europe?
No - they want to live like the USA!

Yet, we hear from Julius Malema how US imperialism is evil.
He even wanted to invade Botswana because they have an "imperialist" airport, never mind the sorry mess of his socialist Zimbabwe.
They want the lifestyle; but hate that government and system.
For what are masses swept up - for what promise?
To live like in North Korea? No surely not (although that's their current general trajectory, if truth be told).
For what lifestyle will they claim to die?
To live like what the black elites have made of Zimbabwe to feed their own greed?
No, they are hypocrites, they think it is their right to live like rich people in "America", although their ancestors didn't provide that heritage or technology.

What do advertisers in SA use to lure customers, with international celebrities and hip-hop music?

Of course one cannot achieve capitalism through socialism, and although China can provide the illusion of goods, it doesn't have freedom, or a notion of demanding things outside a one party system.

So people who claim to be Africanist socialists, and make big promises should at least be honest.
They love the perceived lifestyle of the USA.
They should stop lying to the workers, and causing international disinvestment through labor violence.
(see also:

Simply demanding things is not a short-cut to a "better" life, or to a "super-star" USA life.
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