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Occupy Money Changers

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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 02:06 AM
You have to understand, that liberation will only come through a mass
uprising. These international banking institutions and the financiers of these institutions
will not give up their power until they have to.

Any president that doesn't expose the Federal Reserve, is employed by them.
Central banks run this world, by chartering media institutions to rally ignorance and
disinformation. By controlling the currency and interest rates, they directly employ
congress, and anyone who is willing to expose them. Their influence is limitless.
Blood demands blood, specifically to annul our present monstrosities through debt and
finance. The concepts of debt and interest are plundering an irrational and blind
humanity, that is devoid of empathy through pervasive apathy.

I have a zero tolerance policy for the self appointed guardians of the status quo.
To contradict the establishment is to paint yourself white in a sea of red. To think
outside the box is to break your indoctrination, and those inside the system are
unwilling to see the faults; for their self-preservation of ego and reputation.

Those of us who present the facts, and seek the truth, manifest a prominent light for
others to follow. Sensibilities like these should be aspired to, not criticized.

Why Ron Paul? Every American should have voted for this man, to end the Fractional Reserve banking scam. The only position he advertised incorrectly was the gold standard. Silver is uncontrollable, as it's abundant.

1. Ron Paul wanted to end the central bank of the US.
2. Every president that has been assassinated has tried to end a central bank, or has temporarily ended the fractional reserve banking scam.
3. Mitt nor Obama have never uttered Banking, Fractional Reserve, Economic Reform, or Federal Reserve. They will never tell the truth about the economy.

4. Last president to pay off the debt was Jackson, despite 2 failed assassination attempts.
5. This scam been going off and on since Rome.

Families root the system with their finance and manipulate it for profit. From there, they continue their family legacy of profit by instructing offspring. It's evil... and recurring.

This is a common exploit in the free market capitalist system. Governments are still bound by economic policy, and if they get outplayed and outmatched, then they're subservient to those with the greatest finances. In other words, if somebody can afford to buy up this nation, then they control it. Unlimited will always render the limited obsolete.
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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 02:32 AM
Appears to be exactly what JFK stated to the nation; a vast intertwined network working with unlimited money, control of information and policy creation, the combination is eerily 1984

They've assassinated every real leader of mankind that came close to making real change.
The feds dismantled every major black liberation group through cointelpro in the seventies and eighties, crippling any potential threats to their fiat currency and power base. They've suppressed any real threats, nowadays they scoff at an occupy poodle show, so long as they aren't armed and mobilized.

Don't be so quick to judge, if you were born in to infinity money and knew nothing but, you might bug out too, just some food for thought.

posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 03:34 AM
These money changers are the "they" that we speak of when we speak of the Illuminati, or
the secret society, or TPTB behind government. They control governments thru finance
and the influence that money can purchase. They are responsible for marginalizing Ron Paul's
campaign. and message. And if they had not succeeded and Ron Paul had become president
it would probably have been the shortest presidency in history.

The truth is to always follow the money from when it leaves the taxpayer's pockets until
where it lands....and the buck always stops with the bank.

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