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Suggestions on How to Order & Resolve Issues about your Food!!

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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 07:16 PM
This will be directed to those that deal with any establishments that handle food; restaurants (fast and full) and grocery stores (deli and bakery).

There are different ways to handle issues involving your food purchases and experiences.

Any time you pay someone make sure you do 2 things. Specify to the person taking your money; 1) the denomination of the bill, "out of $20", and 2) always get a receipt. This applies to every purchase, not just food.


1) Fast food - When ordering fast food never use the drive thru; you will only be frustrated when you pull off and find out they gave you the wrong food. If you have to use the drive thru: put your car in park, make sure you check the entire order for temperature and accuracy. Many places have a speed of service they are trying to push; do not let them. Take whatever time you need. Many times they will designate older food for the drive thru. Want fresh food, inside or out? Order it plain; request salt and pepper, condiments and any fruit (cherries, lemons, etc.) on the side. Always get a receipt for your purchase. If you get to your destination and find the order is wrong; save the food in the freezer in the container or wrapper it came in, if you do not have time to go back right away. Write down any information you can remember about your purchase. Never let employees handle a complaint; always specify, "Manager in charge".

2) Full service - If you are going to eat with other people, how you order may depend on them; order appetizers and alcoholic beverages before looking at the rest of the menu. Don't try to order everything at one time. This allows for the server to not be overwhelmed; for you to have proper time to decide what you want. How you want it cooked and if there is anything you do not want (included or substituted for). Let the server decide who orders first; this will help the delivery of the food. They have a sequence they are taught to follow. Do not ask for separate checks ever; this will usually cause more confusion than what is necessary.

Some restaurants have expediters (people that fill the order) and food runners. You may have specified something your server knows (extra dressing, etc.) that the people bringing the food or filling the order did not see. Politely remind them they have overlooked whatever it may be; “you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. If your order is wrong; the Manager needs to be involved. Do not send anything back to be fixed. Do not settle. You are entitled to get what you ordered the way you ordered it, unless you were told beforehand that it was not possible. In which case, you most likely ordered something different to begin with. Some recipes may be pre-made and have ingredients in them you may not like or are allergic to. If you have a doubt, ask. If the server does not know, make sure they find out from the cook.

You should never be sitting at your table empty handed while others eat. If what you ordered is not cooked right, eat what is. The Manager needs to make this right, not the server. Under cooked is easier to fix than over cooked, for obvious reasons. Don’t eat half of it and then, complain. Cut into the middle of whatever it is and check to see if it looks right. Take one bite, if the temperature is not right; hot/cold do not eat it. While most servers are customer service oriented, they will still have to get the Manager to resolve these issues. That is why it is best for you to ask for the “Manager in charge” immediately.

Grocery stores:

1) Deli – The Delis (free standing ones, also) usually have pre-cooked items and assorted meats and cheeses. If you want any of the pre-cooked items look closely to see if they have been stirred properly (beans, corn, etc.). Look at the color of the fried items; if they are dark, they are over cooked or have been sitting under the heat to long to be fresh. Don’t be hesitant to ask for fresh items ever. If they give you excuses; tell them never mind. Do not settle for crap. Make sure the utensils they are using are sanitary. Make sure they use a hair net, wash their hands and wear sanitary gloves (non-powdered). Who wants baby powder in their food?

The slicers should be cleaned before each use with a clean wipe and sanitizer with hot water. They may be busy and trying to hurry, but you have the right to insist on this. If they refuse, get a Manager involved. There should be 2 different slicers designated for meat and cheese. If not, the sanitation is even more necessary; for those that observe certain health or religious restrictions (Kosher, lactose intolerant or vegetarian). I don’t want cheese on my meat and I don’t want meat on my cheese, regardless. Make certain they discard the first slice and never let them give you something that has been pre-sliced.

There is the issue of time-temperature for health concerns. You do not know how long something has been on the blade and may have bacteria. The danger zone is “40-140” for 4 hours, before bacteria starts to grow. Temperature thermometers are supposed to be visible in hot/cold display cases (not just in the deli). If you do not see them, I would not trust the place.

2) Bakery – I love fresh bread. I want it sliced thin. I want the bread I ask for to not taste like bread I do not like. Slicers in bakeries need to be sanitized for this reason. Some people are allergic to different seeds. Maybe you like rye but don’t like the seeds. Whatever the reason, insist the server sanitizes the slicer. Get the Manager involved if necessary. Some bakeries have bagels and offer cream cheese and butter; make sure the temperature is proper (32-38). Make sure the utensils they are using are sanitary. Make sure they use a hair net, wash their hands and wear sanitary gloves (non-powdered).

Just remember: always be polite, ask for a Manager, keep receipts and never settle.


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