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GMO Corn to produce Toxins and Anti-microbial proteins.

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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 07:05 PM

I found this in the comments from another news site piece on California Proposition 37 being defeated in Tuesday's election. Proposition 37 was to require labeling of products containing GMO ingrediants. The article (which I am not linking to because I don't get all the rules around here yet and because the article itself isn't really about the issue that I want to bring to your attention) was about corporate deception and the vast quantity of money spent to defeat this Proposition.

One of the commentors (who is a believer in GMOs) includes the following in his statement:

"This is a far more serious concern because corn, as you know, is normally not poisonous but corporations (perhaps only a single one, been a while since I researched it) have been given licenses to produce GMO versions of corn containing genes to produce toxins and anti-microbial proteins. They are required to grow them deep underground in negative pressure rooms, so that air currents will supposedly not flow out of the room. But as with any system, it has weaknesses. To create a negative pressure room, you have to pump air out, and in this case we also need to keep the pollen from the toxic corn in the room (to avoid the genes escaping to the biosphere and being expressed in food corn), which means filters are required. But how are the filters disposed? Moving a filter slightly is quite likely to shake off some pollen and the only effective disposal of the filter would be incineration. Is the incinerator in the same room that the corn grows in? If not, then what is done to prevent corn pollen from being released into the larger facility? When you remove the last filter in line, what prevents the pollen on that filter from escaping into the air pressure system? Are the clothes of people that enter the grow room immediately incinerated upon leaving the room?"

He doesn't list any sources for this information - just sort of throws it out there. This is really, really scary. I didn't even know what forum to list this in. Does anyone know anything about this? Where would one find out about this? WTF are they doing???

This is right out of the X-files. Disinformation to spread fear and panic??

What do you think?


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