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Philip Schofield hands list of paedophiles to British PM

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by samerulesapply
Know what worries me most about this? People care...but not enough to act. We should go into lawful rebellion, we should refuse to work and march on parliament...we should do what Iceland did and take our country back. All they do is rob us, lie to us, cheat us and steal from us.

The no longer represent or act in the best interests of the people, this is obvious...but people just don't care enough.

My biggest fear right what attrocities they will carry out to distract the masses from this issue...we need to think about this and discuss this, so that when it comes...less people are fooled by it, watch and see. I ain't one for putting my cahones on the line by making predictions, but I'm quite certain something huge will happen and the majority will forget all about this.

We'll lost due to inaction, apathy and indifference.
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To add, I don't discuss these things with people in my day to day life...I don't mention ATS or some ofd the subject I'm interested in much not because I fear being ridiculed or anything...but because I know people for the most part don't care. But I'm telling people quite matter-of-fact-ly right now...they will do something to distract us, tell people - tell that when it happens they'll see it for what it is...and wake the f*** up.

Tell everyone! I think the more people think about this and discuss this the harder it will be for them to effectively drown this all out by distraction, we can't afford to sit back and let this be forgotten or we're all playing a part in it in some way.
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Well said and I agree 100% with you. Every one needs to down tools and bring it all to a halt. Whilst we sort every thing out. Time to have these elected servants step up and explain their lack of action in regards to jim so VILE and the rest of these scum in positions of power.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 05:05 PM
Just came across this link concerning mc alpine. Guess he cant sue all those people he threatened.
This should be posted to every MP and see what they have to say.!/2012/11/scallywag-magazine-article-on-lord.html

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