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Dr. Semir Osmanagich Regarding Pyramids Found All Over the World

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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by PlanetXisHERE

Originally posted by Hanslune

Ah guys a large portion of the earth surface sits atop an water - that's one reason dowsers usually hit water- there's usually water everywhere except in non porus material - the problem is of course how much water constitutes an 'aquifer' versus water under the ground.

You should take the hint, most people on this thread are ignoring your posts because they have figured out what you represent:

or something along those lines - it doesn't really matter.

Only the ignorant would think to ignore Hans.

Of course, as you pointed out, "most people on this thread" are completely ignorant. Ignorant enough to fall for a scam from a Texas sheet metal salesman who also, several years ago, tried to sell them on the idea that the Maya came from the Pleiades.


posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 02:44 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

meta - physica are the rules/logic:phylosophy after the physical reality/life (thats what i was told always)

this applied UVG geometry may correspond real geometric structured energy lines the ancients were able to detect , but
it can also be a practical pentagonal mapping system, honestly i don't know ,

but when i see that stonehenge is connected to a sacred rock in Australia over a node-point before the Himalaya mountains , i thinks on fen shui like systems (that i don't know exactly)

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

my fathesr language is Dutch , my mothers language is French , for English i regulary need a dictionary ...

my pyramidal model webpages of Prof. Thijs were however corrected by Prof. Joyce (UK) who fully took over also my webpages on Thijs and added comments and research in his website

the webpages of Egyptian sound structuring are from Italian Engeneer Rubino (not corrected) , Robert Lawlor in Australia qualified this study as very exceptional

the rest of the website are pages i use for easy e-mail communication with other researchers in ancient groundgeometries, local and worldwide , i know the English is catastrophic , but now we often exchange more and more Google Earth KML/KMZ files :

example : the UVG worldgrid from temple India Somapura , is compatible with a total different gridsystem
of Patricia Summer called the Grailgridsystem (etheric sytem) , i couldn't believe my eyes when i downloaded and applied her KMLs and merged within my specific Somapura simulation (we exchanged our Google metafiles) :
webpages :

My pages are made in Word webpage formatting (Windows 2000 ! ) and on the Belgian public server of Telenet , obsolete format of course , a UK webhouse proposed me a state of the art conversion

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

Unified Vector Grid was the best sounding name choosen by the 3 Rusian and 3 USA researchers ,

in the beginning they tested on a schoolglobe with clip and paper lines the basic vectors combinations aoround the globe , until later a complete logic for unifying the vectors was found in several steps.
i think worldwide sound structured pyramid builders or stone circles builders can certainly do the same

when i sended in the Inca grid intersecting standard UVG 35 , grid aligned Gizeh-Northpole, Prof. Hagens was implementing hand made,letting typing in the HTML language i guess, the Grid in a Google overlay (kml), somewhat later researchers received a diskette for matchings with local grids or other applications on pc

later Tom Montalk developed an automatic UVG KML generator program in the context of UFO and antigravity research : starting grid coordinate and alignment was the only thing to be given in for a simulation
with an automatic download proposition following for the end user : see his website

on my webpages the command is present with coordinates, click and You get a download proposition,
then simply open the file in Google Earth and test with other overlays to open , pyramids, Ufos, temples, scytish stones, groundplans, ..... change the coordinates and make Your own UVG model from Your own
starting point : an underwater town Cambay , Dwarka , Yogaguni , Cuba subaters and see where the vectors go ... You will be very surprised.

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by PlanetXisHERE

or something along those lines - it doesn't really matter.

It would seem that is someone disagrees with you, you paint them as an agent of an evil secret conspiracy?

Wow, that's really nutty!

Let me ask you, lets say that they find a Minoan style and sized civilization on say Corsica - are you saying that the government of Denmark will collapse in social discord because of that?

Mary doesn't answer me because she cannot admit she has no answers to my facts and no answers to my questions - such is blind belief. So be it, I write for the lurkers
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posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by kennes

Question I've seen various presentations of energy lines, grid, ley lines,etc, going back to the 1970's why did they all miss putting Visoko into this system prior to Osmie stating their was pyramid there?

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:16 PM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
But I couldn't figure out which one it was by looking at them.

I found it. It's the Osireion Temple at Abydos. The imprint is in granite, and high on the pillars. Haramein said the pictures were very difficult to find. Here is a screenshot of one of them:

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

There are thirteen grafitti at Abydos that looks like the FOL. They appear to have been made after the temple was abandoned and filled with sand they are associated with Greeks lettering

posted on Nov, 29 2012 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

I'm going by memory but I thought that the global patterns were well mapped and this is what else I remember.

Ancient races / indigenous people have an unbroken connection with the land. This connection is almost perfect. Somehow it is inline with an ancient grid. We are somewhat messed up because we don't work in with any pattern. Patters of earth energy, of course. The New grid is being worked on. Pyramids are key. It may already be in place.

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by Hanslune

no idea , i passed the Visoko UVG simulation to Osmanagic , also the Somapura UVG , one year ago, it was put on their website to my surprise

being here on the forumtopic who built the first pyramids ... i saw accidently this topic , and informed about the same two UVGs

i'm even surprised to have a reaction ; researcher Basil Petrov, Rusian Geolines website, asked me for topic on his forum ; only reaction by top websites in Indonesia taking over my full webpages :

reason : there is a Mayan pyramid (with Mayan time carvings) and many other pyramids on Java

older ones :

Those pyramids and Americas pyramids are catched by an UVG on Somapura Bangladesh,

main historic geodetic node-point of Basil : see his website with the first UVG schoolglobe tests ... of the 3 Rusian and 3 USA top academic researchers,
Makarov meantime died : in memoriam :

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by bowtomonkey

i also think ancients and aboriginals detect nature patterns that we don't feel or not see or hear anymore,

i even think they saw it was geometric structured and a kind of visual maths developed

ancient Egyptians used copper leads if i remember well , and knocking on they deducted if the sound

reflected the right geometry ... ?

The UVG grid in Platonic solids seems to have his sound correlation : quantum physician Smith :

3000 pages relating ancient sciences to neo-sciences , free download : musical UVG PLatonic solids grids ?

Gurdjieff described and teached elements of that ancient sound system, its now decoded by a top musician:

Top researchers now discover the same for atoms :

even for Gizeh plant and Cheops , combined !!! sound systems are mixed , see mathematical formulas :

Those ancient architects, i guess, where certainly able to work with just pentagonal UVG worldgrids .....
perhaps even corresponding the leylines the ancients directly recognized ?

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 03:25 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

this is the nicest foto of a construction flower (Abydos) i saw , the hexagonal geometry is often detected , even in freezing water, the last sounds are geometrical memorized in different patterns and today catched in photographic labos : Masakazu Matsumoto : the patterns arising :

I will reload my many webpages on local hexagonal groundgeometires applied by the ancients asap : but

the Visoko pyramids are in such a pattern : scroll down on the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon detected in an hexagonal triangle , the Visoko groundflower is in the UVG interactive online , links mentioned
previously, You can see Visoko through the Google KML floweroverlay in Google Earth PLUGIN windowing.

if You use this KML in Your PCs BASIC Google Earth , You can push on the Google Sky icon above,
the earthgrid is then projected to the sky , take Orion or Bootes , and click back to the earth,
than You will see Gizeh on the staf of Bootes , and Orion holding Mayaland in his hand ;
in the indian Somapura UVG simulation : the 3 middle stars of Orion triggers the vector or great circle
taking Tiwanakus triangle vectors who then take in holistic UVG triangles major pyramids worldwide

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 05:56 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose

I vividly remember Nassim Haramein talking about that Flower of Life in his 4-DVD set Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation.

He said it appears in the stone on a site in Egypt, and it is not chiseled. It was put there in "some extraordinary way."

When I viewed that DVD again looking for the photo of the Flower of Life imprinted in granite, I was reminded of something else extraordinary: the gargantuan weight of the stones at ancient sites. Haramein is the first public figure that made me aware of the absurd official story of how the pyramids were built. In the DVD he focuses on the fact that 200 ton blocks were not only moved, but stacked, to create the Valley Temple/Sphinx Temple in front of the Sphinx.

Why we've been believing the official story up til now is a testament to the power "authority figures" have had over us.


posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose

Why we've been believing the official story up til now is a testament to the power "authority figures" have had over us.


Well again Mary you there is no 'Official story' by your continuing to say that means to observers that, "I'm completely ignorant of how science works', if you are happy with that characterisation, so be it! lol

Sure they can move heavy rocks old Haraguy is making stuff up. Look up the thunderstone which was moved by the Russians in historic times, it was 1,250-1,500 tons and they did so without using mechanical means - you might also want to ponder how the Romans took obelisks from AE transported them to Rome and raised them up again

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by kennes

One would think something as 'powerful' as Visoko would have announced itself to the world. So these grids are not predictive?

I hate to ask a basic question but what exactly, in layman's terms, do these 'grids' do for you?

posted on Nov, 30 2012 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by Hanslune

honestly , i refused already several times to speak on conferences about , even to cooperate eventualtv scenario, first because i'm not a geometer able to verify this on the real ground , secondly because i don't see why some archeological major points are catched by pentagonal grids several times , the grids being computer generated from a major archeological point alignment northpole , or in some case the Alison Grid northpole, Alaska region.

i already asked an experienced geometer , in free time researcher local ancient groundgeometries, help to verify , but only miltary satellite computer services i think has sufficient detailed maps on worldlevel

so i use finally Google Earth free basic level , but i'm not sure of that level , and don't pay for a level 2 or 3, or professional or even more advanced tools on the market

further , Visoko right or not , its only one "pyramid" field, while so many others ; in fact i already left the UVG-pyramids level , and start looking at the stone-circles worldwide : example : setting up an UVG from the about 30 stone circles in northern Ireland , Vera Island stonehenge in Rusia becomes an UVG real node-point from Beaghmor , and Drugdhama stonehenge in India also , they even are in UVG " lining " with several other stone circles until Sri Lanka ! : interactive simulation online in Google Earth Plugin mode (end of page windowing) :

posted on Dec, 1 2012 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by Mary Rose

The videos of Nassim Haramein or on

Thanks for the hint, totally unknown for me, will contact the French representative

for French translation version

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 04:12 AM
reply to post by Hanslune

rereading Your post and others with a dictionary i now see that layman is not vakman or professional, but leek in Dutch or non-in-that-profession

well i don't inderstand what i find merging KMLs in Google Earth, like UVG google Earth overlays and Megalithic Portal pyramids or stone circle overlays,; i don't understand it nor historical as being educated a linguist ancient greek and latin ( a half century ago! ) , and nor multi-UVG certainly not mathematical

do You furhter mean by predicted , that pyramids are researched on UVG lines or worse, invented on places where ? Visoko is not on vector on the standard UVG , and i remarked Visokos at least 10 year later accidently with an UVG differently aligned

the standard UVG is however valid , even comes very near of the UVG of Mpumalanga in south africa,
stone circle qualified by MIcheal Tellinger as 200.000 bc perhaps

so at firts view it seems that:

like we had/have algiments on Greenwich , or Paris , or Gizeh by convention in our geographical mapping system, the ancients rather used pentagonal ??? worldgrids corresponding leylines ??? from their headquarters for easily ??? seeking copper,or gold and minerals etc slaves for digging etc etc all over the world:

irland-uk-france normandy seems to have been in north ireland a headquarter of the megalithic culture , You find Irish megaltic script and later many Irish Ogam , gigantic dolmens , until Paraguay , inner south america ; the vikings followed the same traces and left many runes in exactly the same sacred caves

ancient egypt has of course his own UVG (the standard known on internet worldwide), but their script is not found worldwide ?

ancient india has a pentagonal grid taking many pyramids worldwide , and the rongo-rongo script is spread from Mohenja Daro over the whole pacific even untl Paraguay

the most unbelievable is that in Paraguay, excavations cerro morroti,burial urn was found with within : artefacts on which and rongo-rongo and runes are found together ???

see the fabalous book of Prof. Pistilli, University Ascension and research Prof. De Mahieu of Buenos Aires Argentina , website :

also south american linguists finding so many scripts from Sumeria and Africa in South America
started setting up UNBELIEVABLE comparison tables : Bolivia Prof. Dr. Biados international archeolog and linguist: online research supporting website Prof. Legner USA , UNiversity of California , Riverside

based on texts-photos :

posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 10:00 AM
Just got the volunteer info on the pyramids for next summer. If a person and his friends wanted to go they could get their room and three meals plus free transportation in the area for about four hundred bucks each for the two weeks. If my wife and I were to go we would get a double room in that hotel instead of going in the hotel room with five people. That would bring up the price to a little over five hundred apiece for the room and three meals a day. Cripes, they only work for 6 hours there six days a week. Lets see, I think I'll need another 500 bucks just to pay for beer. Can drink for six hours after work and still get plenty of sleep
I'm sure the beer there doesn't contain the added sulfites to give me that headache. The tyramines and b vitamins in the beer will give me plenty of energy. If you can tell, I'm taking the good properties of beer to justify drinking
I wonder how their coffee is there
Maybe it is ten bucks a cup
I'll have to e-mail sam about this before thinking about this any more.

Two weeks vacation at a exercise club including meals and lodging for a little over a grand. I can't see that getting six hours of exercise a day will be bad for us. If the wife and I went to see the Giza pyramids I bet we'd spend a grand in four days just on meals, transportation around to the sites, and motel rooms.

That four hundred bucks for one person to gain experience in archeological digging is cheaper overall than in one archeology class in college when you figure the governments contribution to the college along with what we pay. I wish this opportunity came up when I was younger and single, I would have jumped at it. Maybe I'll leave these openings for the young.

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posted on Dec, 2 2012 @ 10:11 AM
Yeah and i am telling them that the answer is actually "Nuts"
remember this post.

Its Nuts
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