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Really bad news from Alex Collier

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:16 PM
Im only hoping what he said about TPTH isn't true!I've sent him a email and i will be praying for him everyday! Being homeless isn't easy at all. i hope some of you can send him some blessings to him

ate last night I was sent a message from Carlos from Shiny Demise bearing bad tidings from Alex Collier… “Carlos, Thank you for your friendship and support. My friend, I no longer have a phone (non payment) and We have a roof over our head until Saturday morning. On that afternoon we may and could be on the street. I no longer want to speak. The PTB have won. And it makes my stomach sick to ask for money. The more I speak the more my loved ones suffer. I am done. I have nothing left to give. Be well my friend. You are a brave and noble knight…… Sincerely, Alex”… This morning I received a similar message from Rui Carvalho…

“Rui, I hope you are well. Here is where we are at in this moment. I don’t think I can do it anymore. I have no phone. Its been shut down for nonpayment. We have a roof over our head until saturday morning. Saturday night we are living on the street. This is what it is. I am sick to my stomach having to ask for money. The PTB have made sure that I remain isolated and they have won. I am very tired and I really no longer want or have the will to speak. Its too hard and my loved ones are suffering. I’m done. I thought you should know. Please forgive me. I have nothing left to give. America is a lost cause, and my spirit is broken. Sincerely, Alex”…

This sucks, America is really screwed now

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:27 PM
He could always try....oh I don't know....getting a job. That's a resume I'd love to read.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by sam_inc

Alex Collier

Alex Collier is an alias of American citizen Ralph Amigron (who has also used Ralph Amagran). As "Collier," he claimed to be a contactee. He alleged that he has been in contact with inhabitants of the Andromeda constellation and purported to have messages to relay from these supposed visitors. "Collier's" Andromedans are of the Nordic aliens type, leaning toward the New Age "space brothers" subtype. Collier's statements include an elaborate "history" of the earth from his aliens' point of view. This secret history has elements of many other conspiracy theory and UFOlogy traditions, including Nibiru, Reptilians, grey aliens, colonizations of Earth by multiple extraterrestrial species, Lemuria, and Atlantis. Statements were made by "Collier" that he has been forced into obscurity due to threats made by "three well dressed men" who were allegedly part of a "Program". No corroboration has been made of any of these claims, either of being a "contactee" or of having been threatened into silence by any government organization. He has been openly accused by members of the UFOlogy community of having merely perpetrated a hoax.

I'm guessing his Andromeda Nordic Space Brothers that supposedly selected this guy for "contact" don't think of him highly enough to lend a supporting hand/claw/tentacle/antennae/whatever.

Buck Nelson is still far and away the best all time "Space Brother", um, erm, "contactee" EVER.

They took him to Mars, Venus, the Moon, and they even gave him a big monster sized space dog.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:35 PM
I'm not going to make light of this mans situation, because I don't know enough to talk about it. But I do know that at least on ATS, his reputation precedes him, and most are going to see this as a scam to get more money.

I really hope it is just a scam, because I don't want to see anyone truly destitute.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by sam_inc
I went to the link you provided. It seems that Mr. Collier has had financial problems from at least Janurary of 2012 (when this site was started by a "fan").
For the past 10/11 months or more Alex has been living in motels and suffering with over due cell phone bills.
Poor fella....
Seems the channeling business does not pay very well.

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