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Hmmm....6.3 Quake off-shore Vancouver Island.

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:16 PM
Here we go folks....

Magnitude 6.3
Date-Time Thursday, November 08, 2012 at 02:01:51 UTC
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 at 06:01:51 PM at epicenter

Location 49.185°N, 128.528°W
Depth 16.6 km (10.3 miles)
Distances 182 km (113 miles) SSW (204°) from Port Hardy, BC, Canada
254 km (158 miles) WSW (251°) from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
301 km (187 miles) WNW (289°) from Neah Bay, WA
384 km (238 miles) WNW (284°) from Saanich, British Columbia, Canada
392 km (244 miles) W (270°) from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 18 km (11.2 miles); depth +/- 8.2 km (5.1 miles)
Parameters NST=329, Nph=332, Dmin=128 km, Rmss=0.6 sec, Gp=144°,
M-type=regional moment magnitude (Mw), Version=7
Source Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)

Event ID usc000dnxu


Tsunami? Depends on which fault this came from....possible for a small one if it came from the subducting plates....possible at that depth,

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:25 PM
Oh, balls. they are travelling further down. What's your gut telling you Tara? It'd have to be a huge coincidence to have a 6.3 on Vancouver island after the one on QCI and have them not be related! My bad feeling about that area is definitely growing, that's for sure! Stay safe!

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:28 PM
Well, I have to say that after the 7.4 down south in Guatemala today, I felt there may be something heading our way....

Hard to say at this point what if anything it means.

Only time will tell, unfortunately.

According to Mr. Viadale, so far there isn't enough info to determine which fault it came from.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 08:46 PM
Well, I have a few Mountains between me and the quake but used to live there.

Let's hope it's just a rumble.

Quite the coincidence? Sun gave a nice little burp at almost the exact time as the quake.


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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 09:01 PM
We heard a loud boom here but did not feel the quake.

I think this may be a warning.....we are worried but prepared. Anybody think this might be a fore shock?

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 09:35 PM
Posted a bit earlier here

Please add further comments to the ongoing discussion in the above linked thread.

**Thread Closed**

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