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An outside view

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 06:47 PM
I do not claim this is accurate, nor do I condone, or condemn the views expressed in this post. I have been trawling the interwebs, and what I have posted is my summation of what the anti-Obama voices appear to be saying. I cannot make the point strongly enough that I do not express a personal opinion in this thread, I would just be very interested to hear if the people of the US think I have done a reasonable job of consolidating the naysayers opinions.

As predicted President Obama got his second term by creating a majority out of every minority with his deliberate appeal to the perceived victim hood of every demographic that blames white people for all of their own manifold shortcomings. The sounds of rejoicing can be heard as far away as Beijing because this President will have to go once again on bended knee cap held out to his communist paymasters so that he can fund all of his generous welfare for the outlier programs, and China can continue its backdoor take over of its strongest western adversary.

Of course the only people in America capable, or willing to understand the truth in the bankrupt servitude this everything free for every victim group will lead too did not turn out in sufficient numbers to prevent the biggest nail in western democracy,s coffin being hammered home in a nation that clearly has the highest number of blinkered, self-serving, entitled, obtuse, shortsighted, victim mentality, voters in Christendom.

America's one remaining hope lies in the republican majority congress whom many suspect will block every single attempted democrat reform, and may just save America from its complicity in its own downfall. Four years from now this President, if he does not die from A.I.D.S. or the bullet of crazed redneck patriot in the ensuing forty eight months will leave office and take his place in history as the subject of the greatest affirmative action experiment failure of all time.

Obama's proposed reforms to the defense budget will leave the US militarily weaker than it was prior to the second world war, and will put huge numbers of armed forces personnel, public servants, and workers in the defense contractor industry into the ques for employment in what is already a fast declining job market. This of course will also be the subject of much celebrations in the Chinese capital because an America with a weak military, and economy that continues to create false wealth by printing money at one hundred percent on the dollar will be even riper still for China,s eventual, and inevitable defeat of its sworn enemy.

As I said at the top of this post these views are not my own but are the opinions that have been voiced by those who are not celebrating Obama;s victory.
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