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My Plea to the Republican Party!

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posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 09:07 AM

Originally posted by milominderbinder

Originally posted by darkhorserider
reply to post by milominderbinder

That sounds about right! If that is the case, maybe Hunstman leaves the party and gives mainstream support to a 3rd party? Maybe he takes the Tea-Partier Rubio with him?
That is probably a pipe dream, but can you imagine a Huntsman/Rubio 2016 on a 3rd party ticket!

I'm really not a big a fan of either one of them. Rubio isn't the worst...but realistically other than Ron Paul I cannot name a single Republican that I think is qualified, capable, and sane. By virtue of sheer numbers there MUST be one out there somewhere...but I can't think of one. The Republican party is dead and buried. It's very existence at this point depends upon finding more angry, racist, xenophobic white, baby boomer males and their obedient wives who will vote against their own conscience because their husbands told them to. Quite simply...the species is on it's way to extinction.

Huntsman. And Christie isn't exactly unqualified. He might be a crude loudmouth, but he's not crazy either.

Or what about Jeb Bush? Not that I think we're ready for yet another Bushie, but his name is out there, too.
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