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Obama is loved by Wall Street Banks

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 10:09 AM
These bankers love Obama. They're flushed with cash from the Fed and they're parking all that money overseas. Who do you think low interest rates help? Banks.

They love Obama whose feeding them with cheap money.

The stock market loves President Barack Obama. With all its cheating heart, and all its mercenary soul.

More than that, actually — it adores him. The love story of Wall Street and Obama is a bromance like no other, a man-crush for the ages.

The beauty part is that this was not a coincidence, beginner’s luck or a historical fluke.

The administration and the Federal Reserve run by his appointed chairman, Ben Bernanke, have systematically stuffed big banks’ pockets with cash in an unending rescue effort, slashed interest rates to the lowest levels of the past 300 years, diverted senior citizens’ savings to revive the moribund residential construction industry and showered drug makers and insurers with fresh sources of revenue from his health care overhaul.

This is the problem with Obama's Collectivist message. The few who control the collective are corrupt as the day is long . At the end of the day,Obama is about as corrupt as they come. He's a Politician that wants to spend as much as he can because this gives Politicians even more power.

Here's a quote from Saul Alinksy:

“In the beginning the organizer's first job is to create the issues or problems.”

This has been Obama's entire Presidency. He Create's the problem to get Obamacare. He creates the problem to get a Stimulus. He creates the Arab Spring with other Arab leaders to remove Mubarak, Gaddafi and they want Assad. He wants the fiscall cliff in order to raise taxes and get the Fed to do more Easing.

Silly Americans think Obama is god instead of a very corrupt Politician.
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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by neoholographic

I don't think the stock market loves Obama. At least not today.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 10:43 AM
Here's more. Romney was opposed to the Cheap money of Obama and Bernanke. This cheap money has enriched greatly the very people Obama claims to demonize. The reason there's such a big gap between the rich and the poor is because Obama. Obama is saying to the rich, give the people some crumbs and I will make sure you get more cheap money.

Some stock market prognosticators are envisioning a Romney Rally should the former Massachusetts governor pull off a win Tuesday night.

However, a defeat of President Obama would call into question one of the building blocks of Wall Street’s meteoric rise from the 2009 lows: a steady stream of easy money from the accommodative Federal Reserve.

According to a recent survey by Barclays (BCS), 32% of investors polled say tighter central bank policy is chief among their list of policy fears if Romney wins.

“It could have a chilling effect on market behavior,” said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Capital Group (KCG).

Romney has made it clear he opposes the easy-money policies of Fed chief Ben Bernanke, who has flooded the financial markets with cheap cash each time the economy and stock market have needed a jolt back to life.

So it's a BIG JOKE when liberals think Obama will somehow champion the Middle Class. Obama has made their lives worse and he's enriched the same people Occupy Wall Street loves to hate. Here's more:

While the Fed still plays an outsized role in the markets, its ability to jack up stock prices and lower already rock-bottom interest rates appears to be waning with each successive program.

After an enthusiastic response to the first round of quantitative easing that totaled $1.75 trillion, the reaction was more muted for the $600 billion QE2 and even quieter for the open-ended QE3 unleashed in September.

This is the disaster Obama has created and Obama wants. He wants the fiscal cliff because he wants more money to spend. It's getting harder for the Fed to keep printing money because it weakens the currency even more. You know it's bad when the same folks from Wall Street who made boat loads of money under Obama, are worried about the fiscal cliff.

Obama has us facing the same situation that Politicians had us in with the Housing Market. If they wouldn't have pushed for easing of underwriting standards for low income folks with bad credit. This opened the floodgates.

The same thing has happened with Easing. It has enriched multi national banks and it has given more money for corrupt Politicians to spend.

So, this Obama story line as some man of the people is Hogwash. He's just a corrupt Politician who works the system better than most.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 10:51 AM
You have it all wrong... and all these analysist are full of crap. They havent got anything right in the last 4 years I dont understand why people listen to half them anyway.

The truth is showing up in the stock market today. Why do you think all the big bank stocks are tanking today?

Its because their friend Romney lost last night.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by Julie Washington

Nope, this is the Big LIE of Obama. The top 1% have gotten extremely richer under Obama because of cheap money. The Middle Class has suffered under Obama. Unemployment up, slow growth and poverty up.

Look at these numbers vs,. past Presidents.

You could look it up. The S&P 500 has gained 76% since his inauguration in January 2009, while the Nasdaq 100 is up 128%.

Compare that to the S&P 500’s 13% decline and the Nasdaq 100’s 45% wipeout in the first term of his predecessor, George W. Bush; or the mere 25% gain in the first term of conservative icon Ronald Reagan; or even the 60% gain in the halcyon early 1990s in the first term of Bill Clinton.

This is a disaster that's about to destroy this country. If the Market falls too far, Bernanke will just flood the markets with cheap money and stocks will rally. It's a false boom created by the Fed. When it busts, everything will stall. During the Housing Crisis the Fed could print up some money to "come to the rescue." In this case, the problem is cheap money so there will not be any rescue.

Under Obama, the top 1% that Obama says is the devil incarnate, have made tons of money while the Middle Class crashes.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by neoholographic

Facepalm... You've been brainwashed.

The Best Presidents For The Economy:

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by Julie Washington

Your link proves my point LOL!

This is from your link:

This is the inflation-adjusted, dividend-adjusted, performance of the S&P 500:

Coolidge 29.1%
Ford 16.7%
Harding 16.1%
Obama 15.2%

Under Obama, there has been a better return than all the other Presidents except these 3. This is because of the Cheap Money policies under Obama.

It's cheap money that enriches Wall Street and the 1% liberals hate.

If your point is Bush was bad, then I agree. Bush was a disaster for the economy but so is Obama. Obama is a boom for the 1% and the middle class is struggling.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 01:47 PM
Here's more.

It's truly R.I.P. America under Obama.

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama's successful re-election bid Tuesday, market experts prepared for an accelerated push of easy Federal Reserve monetary policy.

That likely will clash against even more uncertainty in Washington as en election that produced little more than the status quo failed to resolve the burgeoning fiscal issues that threaten the U.S. economy. (Read More: Next Up for Markets? The Fiscal Cliff)

The stock market has climbed about 76 percent over the past four years. Commodities have soared even higher, with gold and silver up more than 100 percent, and even bonds have maintained their value as a safe-haven trade for investors too afraid of market volatility.

Who benefited from this, the 1% at the expense of the Middle Class. There has been a huge transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the 1% and Obama has the AUDACITY to scream class warfare. Here's more:

Much of the trading over the past four years has been based off Fed policy, which in turn is driven by those economic risk factors that Krosby discussed.

The central bank during Obama's presidency has expanded its balance sheet from about $800 billion to approaching $3 trillion, with even more growth to come as the Fed cranks up the third round of its quantitative easing debt purchasing program.

"With Obama getting re-elected it's sort of the status quo and the QE carries on," said Lee Ferridge, head of macro strategy for North America at State Street Global Markets. "The result is positive for risk generally — negative for the dollar but positive for risk. We know the extremely loose monetary policy we've been used to so far will continue."

"It might be good for Mr. Obama's friends, but it's not good for the world," widely followed investor Jim Rogers complained on CNBC in reference to the cheap-money policies of the past four years.

His strategy: "Today I'm going to short more bonds, more U.S. government bonds. I'm going to buy more commodities, both base metals and precious metals. It looks to me like money printing is going to run amok now, spending is going to run amok."

It's funny how people think Obama is some class warfare warrior!

Obama is Robin Hood in reverse. He takes wealth from the Middle Class and transfers it to the "evil" 1% and to his friends and donors.

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