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Serious questions for experienced astral projectors.

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 06:38 AM
Ok... I am able to slip myself into sleep paralysis. After going through the white noise part, I am able to leave my body. However my questions here are this...

Why is it that when I do leave my body, I sink down to the floor? I sink like I'm an anchor. Just last night after going through the paralysis noise I left my body and floated down to the floor near our window. I tried thinking of flying but to no avail, I ended up waking myself out of it.

Next question...

How to increase the time out of my body? Because lately it only feels like a couple of seconds before either I get spooked and re enter my body and awake, or it happens naturally.


When you leave your body, do you feel drained of some kind of energy? Not necessarily physical energy but almost like the energy from the pineal gland when you wake up and think about trying again?

Thanks and all serious answers are welcomed!
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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 07:05 AM
These are great questions!

First off, have you tried sleeping in a different position? Sometimes I feel that being on my stomach makes it much easier for me to be able to get up. This way right after the white noise (i call it body buzz lol) I can push myself into a standing position if need be. Have you tried using your hands to stop yourself buy grabbing onto something?

Secondly, I haven't astral traveled more than a minute myself. Although some can travel for hours or even all night! This will come with time, try to make sure there are no distractions around you, like a loved one watching television in the next room, or pets wondering around. During your trip, its important not think to much about time. Just go with the flow and enjoy. And in no time, you'll be leaving the house and visiting friends, family or even places you've never been before

Lastly, I'm not sure about the fatigue type symptoms you mentioned. Because everytime I astral project, I jolt back into my body with my heart pounding and fall asleep. I hope someone is able to answer that for you.

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:11 AM
So far Ive been out of body once and it was about 2 months ago. I have a friend who has done it his whole life and he answered some of those questions for me as well.

Ive been trying (not as hard as I should) for last 2+ years to get out and it finally happened...I woke up floating up to the ceiling like a balloon and then was pinned to the ceiling. Took me a while to unpin myself and start floating around my room. I then tried to go through my ceiling to my upstairs neighbor and was unable to, as my head hit the ceiling. I then thought I should go to my brothers room and all of the sudden Im in his room (same house). At this point I tried to get closer to him by walking and started falling through the floor like you describe. I was also super excited like way more than any kid a disney land and then woke myself back up.

What he told me is to be patient. That at first you will be stuck inside your familiar surroundings as you must learn how to navigate. Imagaine if you would of made it outside or to the other non "real" time astaral planes yet yours still falling through the ground, or floating away like a balloon. The lesson i learned after my first obe was def be patinet and dont get too excited, try to remain calm as this will help you stay out longer.

I also feel like where i would loook is the direction i would go...with a little bit of thought sprinkled in...When it happened to me i was on myback looking when it was happening i slowly arose to the ceiling which was the direction i was looking. Next time Im going to sit indian sytle as I float..this will help me from not relying on my legs to walk and sink through the floor.

Also my vision kind of looked like i was looking through the backwards lenses of binoculars, and things looked black and white. He told me you can ask to see better and that will help..that your spirit guides are there when this is happening...not to be afraid to ask or to talk to anybody or better yet help induce it said medition is important to help get there. I used to fall asleep with the tv on and set the timer to turn off like an hr later, but now I always turn off everything and try to meditate into sleep which is what worked for me. Sorry for the long response but havent talked to many people about this yet, and once you get out it is the most amazing experince and I cant wait to do it again...Hope this helps..see you out there!

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