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True Love and the Witch's Wrath [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 01:32 PM

True Love and the Witch’s Wrath

This is a tale from not long ago
In a time when myths were mostly true
It’s a story of love and hardships won
And of things that could happen to you

My tale begins with true love’s kiss
As a man and woman began their path
But an evil witch that had been removed
Still held on to her evil wrath

For a time too short, the couple’s love
Grew peaceful and quite strong
The witch watched and waited for a weakness to prove
That both of them were wrong

The witch howled and lied, deceived and cried
Trying hard to break apart their love
She used fear and tears to cast her spell
Wanting to kill love’s peaceful dove

The woman felt the spell’s evil mix
And panicked at the thought
That the witch’s act could end their love
And she’d lose that for which she fought

She ran away to hidden woods
To escape the witch’s plan
The man was sad and broken down
He was lost without her hand

For countless hours the man did think
He was searching hard to find a way
To kill the witch for all of time
And have his loving woman stay

For hours more, the man’s mind raced
Until the answer finally came
He grabbed his sword and left his home
To journey to where the witch did stay

Walking swiftly toward her lair
He then beat upon her door
When she came and opened it
He struck her harshly with his sword

The blade was not a normal one
It was a made of ink and pen
The ink did pierce her evil heart
The man left the dying witch’s den

Arriving home, he found his love was back
Eagerly awaiting his return
He held her tight, then kissed her hard
And told her never fear the witch’s words

He had struck the witch with reason
And left an inked mark in her breast
The evil witch had been vanquished
She had taken her dying breath

Happy and elated
The woman did rejoice
For never again would love be in doubt
She could hear it in his voice

But alas, it all just wasn’t true
The witch still lived and was mad
Her heart was now stained darker
She would continue with her wrath

Yet again, the witch cast an evil spell
Of abandonment, fear, and demise
The man and woman were greatly challenged
Forced to face the witch’s lies

Away she went, the woman ran
Trying hard to hide her tears
The evil witch had returned
The woman couldn’t do this for all her years

Just as before, the man did sit
Hoping and looking for a way
To make the evil disappear
So that his love would always stay

Again he grabbed his long, inked sword
And returned to the witch’s door
Instead of plunging the sword into her breast
He simply handed it to her

“This is for your evil
For all your acts untrue
I’m done with words and actions too
And I am done with you”

“Take this sword, my ink and pen
And do with it what you will
There’s no spell that you can cast to end my love
It grows stronger still”

He walked away, returning home
Begging that his love was there
But before he could make it back
He saw her flowing hair

The woman stood before him
She had raced to hold him tight
They held and kissed, laughed and loved
The witch never returned to sight

That’s the way the story goes
At least, I think that it is true
I heard they both always watched
Never knowing what the witch might do

So that’s the end of this tale of mine
One of a man and woman’s strength
And of an evil, vile, and nasty witch
Who pushed love to the brink

posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 03:23 PM
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