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ULTIMATE Obama A-Z Guide For First (last?) Term.

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posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 12:50 PM
I literally read the whole thing and sort of felt angry and nauseated, because.. I sort of thought it was doing an "okay" job. Imagine Romney had this in his hand to read off? (Although he DID have advisers)

I won't post the whole thing because MODS don't like it. Also, its in much better bullet point format on the site!

9/11 now somehow even more painful 9/11 is now associated with two anti-American terrorist attacks. Despite warnings an attack was coming, he failed to act. Earlier, tried turning 9/11 into some kind of national holiday for liberalism.

Automobile industry nationalized and weakened In "saving" the auto industry, he handed ownership of the companies to his campaign contributors (the auto unions). In doing so, rightful owners were forced out -- many of which were public pensioners (teachers, firemen, etc.), who unsuccessfully sued. When Ford capitalized on the bailout's unpopularity in a TV ad, he forced the company to stop airing it.

Benghazi The consulate was under threat long before 9/11, yet he failed to bolster security. Ambassador Christopher Stevens himself warned of gathering threats. His vice president's words of consolation to the father of former Navy SEAL slain in the attack: "Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?" During the attack, repeated requests for backup were denied. When asked about requests for backup being denied, he refused to answer. The White House likely used an aerial drone to watch the attack as it happened. When meeting the father of one of the men who died fighting off the attack, he was cold, impersonal, and ungrateful. When his secretary of State met a father of one of the slain SEALs, she vowed to prosecute an American filmmaker who played no role in the attack. The CIA found terrorist links the following day, yet he continued blaming an unrelated YouTube video. After claiming in the second presidential debate to have labeled the attack "terrorism" the following day, he admitted after the debate he avoided describing the attack that way.

Courts and other offices packed with radicals David Hamilton, most infamous for his rulings against laws requiring sex offenders to register with the state, was nominated to the 7th Court of Appeals. Louis Butler, whom Wisconsin voters twice voted off the bench after dismantling rules against frivolous lawsuits (amongst other things), was nominated to a federal district court. Robert Chatigny, who infamously partially excused a rapist-murder of his crimes because of the perp's penchant for "sexual sadism," was nominated to the 2nd Court of Appeals. His EPA administrator subscribes to redistributive economics called "environmental justice." His secretary of Transportation openly advocates using government to force people to stop driving cars. Hired the John Paulson -- the billionaire most famous for selling subprime mortgage-backed securities -- to help write "consumer protection" legislation.


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