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The Conspiracy To Get People To Work

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posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by muzzleflash

Originally posted by doobydoll
It's no good having a go at citizens for corruptly claiming money, and living a bone idle life off a system funded by working people, when wealthy politicians and billionaire corps are doing exactly the same to the system, but taking far more out of it than benefit claimants EVER could.

Why is it ok for them to leech off a working man's sweat, but no-one else?

That is a really interesting post.

I am pretty sure such a dichotomy of opposites, inexplicable paradoxes and ironies, could be explained easily as a type of society wide psychological manipulation/programming.

It would seem to require a consistent and concentrated effort to numb ones awareness of who is really looting the system....the globalist elite aristocracy of nobility and moguls/tycoons.

Yes. I can see the system barely providing basic needs to poor people whom already have nothing, and I can see the same system providing luxurious lifestyles for people whom have hoards of personal wealth, and can well afford to provide for themselves.

I see obscenely wealthy corporations making £millions in profit in this country, I see them paying workers less than a living wage so they can't get off benefits, I see them avoiding their tax obligations, I see them taking their vast profits out of our country.

We have many who take more from the system than they contribute, poor people, politicians and corporation.

The problem is that there is only one group of people funding the system - working people (those who earn enough to pay tax).

It just rattles my cage when folk moan about poor people who ask for basic needs from the system, but never say one word about the rest, who hang on to their own personal wealth and get richer by fiddling the system, and/or dodging their tax dues.

Solution? Get rid of corrupt government, the buck starts and stops there.

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