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Path of huge flood that caused ancient 'Big Freeze' located

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:10 AM

Originally posted by SLAYER69
Could evidence of those roots be submerged nearby or should we just assume that because there is evidence of people living in the region from an earlier period that those were the ones that that Civilization came from?

They were living in river valleys and rather far inland. If they had (say) migrated there from an earlier advanced civilization along the coast we would NOT see:
* primitive villages that are small and become larger
* several attempts at domesticating plants and animals (you can't have stable cities until you develop a reliable food source for the city)
* gradually improving technology of pottery and metallurgy
* gradual development of signs and writing

And you wouldn't have a civilization made of cities that were just on the shores. Think about what would happen if... say... a huge accident happened and only the people on islands were left alive and the sea level suddenly rose several feet (let's take... Honolulu Hawaii as an example.)

* there'd still be resources they can access (yes, buildings are under 5 feet of water, but you could dive down and grab tools and resources (wiring, old tech, some preserved food, clothes, etc)) and use to rebuild -- and generally they rebuild NEAR the erased town because they can access those resources.
* Hawaiians wouldn't suddenly go back to the Stone Age -- for one thing, they wouldn't know how to make those tools or use them.
* they would be using recovered resources (parts of cars, bricks, etc) to make new items and the way they'd make them would be similar to previous construction. Hawaiians wouldn't go back to planting farms (which would still be intact since they're away from the ocean) with pointed sticks since they know about hoes (even if they haven't used one) and shovels.
* people who knew how to make the advanced tech tools would still be around.

An example of a "drowned land" where people were pushed out by the ocean and took their tech with them is the area of Solent along the Isle of Wight: (land sank, sea levels rose.) The submerged buildings look a lot like settlements on higher grounds.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 11:31 AM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
Not that my opinion matters. (i'm no subject expert) but I've noticed a lot if not most cultures build their largest settlements near rivers or lakes inland and away from the sea. Not far away from the sea but away enough to be sheltered from the weather associated with living on the cost. Inland was more stable conditions wise and so that is why most civilizations start inland a little.

So a giant flood wouldn't have wiped out all of the civilizations. But it's plausible that many coastal cities were obliterated over time and that is where the stories come from. It's also possible that some civilizations were just unlucky enough to settle down in places below sea level and got flooded out that way too. It's obvious people survived the flooding or nobody would be talking about it. I say more survived than didn't. But that it was tragic enough that the story got embellished, grander and was passed down from generation to generation.

You're forgetting one very big and very important piece of the puzzle.

It wasn't only about a massive worldwide flood and sea level rises, they were just effects.

The real problems with the increasingly likely theory of cometary and meteoric bombardment in fairly recent times (13,000 - 15,000 YA), is the impacts would have not only caused searing heat (geological evidence of a 'burning layer' has been found from this approximate time period), destroying plenty, releasing the grip of the last major ice age, but also probably triggering high magnitude Earthquakes worldwide, together with multiple volcanic eruptions.

This brought about the end of the major ice age, which was still hanging on 'by it's fingernails', which generated sea level rises and tsunamis, but the major problems came with what must have been millions of tonnes of dust, pumice, smoke and debris filling the atmosphere, and blocking out much of the sun's energy.

This would have led to the ironic 'Younger Dryas', a kind of anomalous blip of a mini ice age, lasting 1000 - 1500 years.

It wouldn't have mattered if you were on the coastlines, or in the interior...if the tsunamis and rising water didn't get you, the dying off of mega flora and fauna probably would have.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 12:21 PM
My theory of the polar caps or "Ice Age" and "great floods" that are recorded in history;

The Earth's position around Sol is based on the electromagnetic field and other forces at work such as gravity. I belive there is stages that ALL stars go through; where the EMF of the star reverses, thus switching the celestial bodie's position, angle/distance

Because stars are the powerhouses in the galaxies; this EMF transition effects the planets as well, causing them to 'shift' electromagnetically. When Sol's EMF transitions, as does Earth's and the other 7-8 siblings in the Solar system

This transition causes major change on the surface of these planets, but we are looking at our home. As Earth transitions with Sol, its polar caps are redirected; the shift happens. This shift changes Earth's angle as directed at the Sun. Where the two ice caps were prior to this shift, they are now in a Temperate climate; thus a flooding begins because these now temperate ice caps will have to melt due to more warmth from Sol.
Simeltaniously; where there were two oppposite temperate zones on the spherical-face of Earth; there will be a "Ice Age" where these two zones now become the polar caps due to the shift

These "catastrophic" events are more natural then trees growing from soil. We live in a EVER-changing cosmos; nothing ever stays the same, things are always moving, developing, evolving, devolving elswhere.. creation is always changing. We are like cells that make up a beautiful body named Earth; just as we are built with trillions of cells to create the beautiful body named "Hu-man". We dont realize that every moment we ever live; there are little bodies within us functioning, doing their job to allow our bodies to BE, and allow our consciousness to experience life within that body. Well Earth is the same thing different scale, Galaxies, universes too

When we can come in terms that these cycles are natural and in no way "world ending" .. and in no way need panic and fear.. then we can focus on the truth within nature. We as humans like to think we make the World go round, the Sun shines for US, the moon is ther for our good, plants and animals serve us... but this is disgustingly incorrect. Its all Nature, it was all happening before and after the presence of humankind on Earth

We look at creation as some "mysterious mistake" or 'bang'
.. Creation is a grand plan; and allows consciousness to experinence its wonders; usually through incarnation within a body vessel. If we want to understand events that are written in stone; we must do as our ancestors did and tune our BEing with Nature once again. . Its no doubt that humanity is manipulated and confused about this fractional-reality. When we look to Natural events as World Ending and create mass panics and dumb movies about it; when we truely have NO IDEA what it truely is!

Connecting with Natures brings more then anyone who is content with society could ever understand.. We care more for plastic, metal, and shiny lights then we do about ourselves, our planet, and eachother

Back to the Shift "Theory".. Everything in Creation is like Clockwork; sphereical bodies spinning and orbiting eachother through the galaxies. Anything that is clockwork; will have a cycle; this cycle comes everytime at this particualr time, we call these events

Maybe the Mayan Calendar was recording this clockwork - planetary shift. Mainstream tells us the last Ice Age was 2.5 Billion years ago... is there truth to this? Well we look at records of the Great Flood which is said to be 2500 someone wrote in the man-made Bible. 2500 BC is approx 4500years ago.. these two events according to mainstream are not related when we use these numbers

The polar shift theory explains two things with no confusion; an Ice Age or new polar caps, and great floods due to the previous caps melting due to its temperate zone change. There is research done in Greenland that it's land froze almost instantaniously 11,000+ years ago. This number seems more like clockwork in terms of planets and stars; rather the mainstream number 2,500,000,000 years ago. 11:11 is a sign

As for the 4500+ years since the last great flood as told in the Bible (story of Noah's Arch) .. It does not correlate with this Ice Age theory due to being 5000+ years delayed. Which brings the off-topic attention to the Bible and its story

We have recorded history of this 'Great Flood' event all around the World, its not just written in the Bible. Here is a breif article relating flood stories

To cover quickly; I do belive most of the Bible is twisted tales to bend the truth to the reader/follower. I take the entire book with a grain of salt. But the Great Flood is related across the globe. If we can find evidence and record the years between the ice age and flood, we can determine the truth of this clockwork in relation with a Shift.
Relating Flood Stories[

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Also, here's a History Channel documentary titled, "Journey To 10,000BC" which covers some of the same information(although, it was made in 2008 so I'll bet the various scientists involved now feel somewhat vindicated by the new model information).

And, since I'm not that experienced at posting Youtube videos on here(and the fact that others have problems with the process as well), here's the direct link:

Journey To 10,000 BC

**edit**Oh, hey, it worked. lol

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posted on Nov, 9 2012 @ 01:21 PM
Add this section from the corrected Hebrew translation of what happened at the time of Noah and see how that fits in

v11 Six hundred years from the event of Noah's birth, amid the second time of the new moon,
on the seventeenth day for the time of the new moon, during that day previously mentioned, the oceans therefore cleaved away everything in sight..
And the skies began to multiply so to release a torrential down pour
v12 And so to exist the deluge to rise upon the Earth, forty day(s) and forty night(s).


v17 And so to exist the megatsunami, forty day(s) to rise upon the Earth. And so to be
multiplying that water. And so to be thrusting as it came against the storage vessel. And it
proceeded to increase massively that which came upon the Earth.
v18 And so that water being to enlarge, growing rapidly to rise upon the Earth and it lifted the
storage vessel to rise upon the surface of that water.
v19 And that water continued to enlarge growing rapidly to rise upon the Earth. And so to
develop to become higher than all the peaks that reach the sky, underneath all the celestials.
v20 Counting five cubits that to those (peaks) to enlarge ascending over that water. And so to
be higher, than the peaks.

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