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Transformation [CPTWC]

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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 07:11 AM
I’m strong, I’m smart, I’m resourceful
I can meet any challenge head on
I can defeat the most powerful of foes
I am the king of my domain

I watch as many try to defeat me
I laugh as they fall to superior skill
They run from my presence
Just as they should

I am invincible!
Nothing can hold me back
Nothing can stand against me
I can overcome all odds

Then, just as I think there is no end
That tiny hand wraps around my finger
I am helpless, powerless, completely defeated
How can something so small defeat me?

I become as quiet as a mouse
As helpless as a tiny bird
I am astounded at the power
That a small child can wield

Now I am a parent
My life is lived for them
They fuel my existence
And I am forever theirs

But woe to any that would hurt them
They will feel the wrath of a thousand armies
They will suffer beyond imagination
The beast will rise within me and they will be no more

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