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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 10:51 PM
This is a rap. This is my 2nd submission for [CTPWC]


A bug, a pest is what I am, I must confess,
I sat obsessed, she said I was possessed,
acting like Smeagol on the trek,
on a quest with two sides,
all mixed up - what's true, what's a lie?
She asked that and so did I,
I've tried I really have but my efforts died,
I chose to sit and cry while my heart was pried,
but the pliers were not held by her, but I, for I was the only one who spoke the lies,
I awoke and sighed and began to realize that she didn't hate my fat but for who I am inside,
She didn't mind my rolls, but despised my emotional tides,
wave-like in action, she had to hide,
or else she'd drown if she came for the ride.

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