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Now she's gone [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 10:33 PM
Hey ATS, this is a rap and I just made it. Hopefully the image does not disqualify me.

She can't remember my face,
December can relate, I'm cold in this state,
Full of hate, irate wishing I could catch Kate,
but Kate's memory's erased along with her traits,
She was once my lover, but now she's in space,
Shooting too fast for my eye to chase,
She's repainted her image, replacing her face with an anxious slate of tasteless waste,
So I'm pacing, and my brain's racing, and I can't find a way out,
So in case I decide to lay down,
suicidally drinking alcohol with pills chased down,
I'll show you my face now,

maybe somehow you could call the police before I'm displaced - out and placed down into the Earth with a frown on my face.

Because I'm this coward, I have no power so I may hop from the tower,
I never had the sweet, and I'm feeling the sour,
and I know I have a life ahead, but I haven't even lived an hour.

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