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the ability to tell when people are coming without hearing them

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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 08:48 AM
interesting... I dont get the ears ringing as you do ... but from study / practice of martial arts since childhood am always awara of exactly who / what is around me at all times without looking along with sense their moods / intentions... one of many reasons why I prefer to avoid cities and stay in the country far from people...

posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by Funk bunyip

Thanks for the tip! I've been curious about the phenomena for a few years now, but always just put it down to me "just being weird" and thinking that I was the only one this happened to...


posted on Apr, 9 2015 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: j230ns

I joined in this site exactly for this reason. Like most of you (brothers and sisters in this "problem") I am 100% healthy, disillusioned, fully functional, rational, christian etc, etc. I am not sure if it sounds like current or buzz, if it gets "activated" by humans or spirits, at 10 or 30ft, dunno. It just happens, that's all I can tell. Thankfully for me, it doesn't happen when in bed (cause I read somewhere some creepy stories that people get that "buzz" as well when in bed, and tell it feels spooky, lol- I could imagine).

The story I wanna share here has to do with this "feeling" and it's the most weird story in my life so far. It is strange however that -contrary to the intensity and the impact on me- I can barely recall the basics of it, all the details where somehow "washed outta my mind" about 2-3 weeks after this incident:

It was Autumn 2008. I was going to hand vouchers outside a horse jump show. I am talking about 500-600 people arround me, perhaps more. Open area, not room. Suddenly I start getting this "feeling" but x100 times the "normal volume". My whole body gets working faster and harder, soon I get batterflies in stomach, heartbeat rises to sky. Imagine it like you are desperately in love with a girl, and you try to approach her, or her approaching you, lol.

The feeling gets harder and harder, after 5 minutes my sense tells me it's about one person, not many, it's not a woman, it's not anything approaching my "area" (my "area of sensitivity" is usually 6-7 metres long) but it's definately a male in the greater area. I start seraching with my eyes among the crowds. The next thing I recall is a question I made to myself: "Father, why did you let us down? where are you?". My father was at home. No chance that he would be at a horse jump show 30miles from our place. So who is this "entity" that I have not yet seen, but I already call a "father?" ... after another 5-6 minutes my eyes drop and lock onto a man, arround 60 years old, talking in a small circle of 3-4 people, in about 50m distance from me. "There you are, father!" I said to myself. Suddenly I leave my eyes off him, I also have work to do, distribute some vouchers, for some reason the intensity of the whole incident starts "easing" a bit, so I get a bit more calm and start doing my job. The "buzz sound" is not off, but it has reduced a bit.

An hour passes by. The horse event has started, all spectators are in. We handed all the vouchers and we are ready to leave. Suddenly the buzz gets as high as it can get! I instantly feel that this man is in my area, behind my back! I turn my head quickly and indeed it s him, having approached at 1m distance and ready to offer his hand for shake!

"Hi, you seem pretty familiar to me, what's your name? have we met somewhere before?". I was now looking at him face to face. A cold white face, with blue-white eyes and white hair! Certainly not my biological father, although I am also "white" and with green eyes. His was almost like an albino looking guy. For some reason, I feel two things for him: Love, I feel like he is my father, and Fear, cause he looks pretty scary and not so human characteristics! However, I have to put those feelings quickly aside and answer to him. I get defensive, I don't tell him about the story and that I was also "after" him 1 hour ago neither do I tell him my real name and I dimply reply in a cold manner "Hi, hmmm no, I cant recall you I am afraid". "Hmm strange" he says. "Where do you live, you remind me tremendously of a very beloved friend of mine who lives in Piraeus". "Hmm, not Piraeus, I live far away from Piraeus, have been there 2-3 times in my life only". "Hmm, strange! Anyhow, was nice to meet you! Farewell! By the way my name is this and that" he replied and quickly left the stadium (while the show was still on).

Right after he left, my ears started coming back to normal life. I went home. I asked my mother "do you someone called xxx?" ( I dont remember his name anylonger-in fact I suddenly forgot it 1-2 days after the incident, and I am NOT the guy that forgets, eg I remember 100 cell phone numbers of mates or all the plates of family or friends cars etc). My mother replied in a very normal way, saying "mmm no" and I could tell she was telling truth. So no chyance that this man was my biological father somehow (lol-even if she said "yes" I wouldnt tell my dad, my father was a cool dude -r.i.p-).

As I said, I forgot many parts of the story, just 2 days later. And given my menory potential, forgetting it was as strange as the story itself.

7 years later -now 2015- I have never come across that man again, never got able to recall his name or the details of his face. If you put 100 men in a row and tell me "do you recognise him?" certainly I would, but I can't recall anything else.

The "ear ability" still exists, but not as high as when I was younger...

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