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Darkest Hells (Collaborative Work) [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 11:48 AM
Journey to the darkest hells
Deep inside, therein dwells

A Monster. Chained in bonds of light
Straining forth to rend the night

Creeping closer, more to see
Is Monster going to break free?

Yes. With cries of joy, is gone
Pray it won't be missing long

Do not seek it, lest you find
That in the darkness, you've lost your mind.

Response by Greenize

Fiery flames that cast no light
shadows dark as black as night

Screams lost to the smoldering walls
meandering down the smokey halls

Nothing to quench the deadly heat
no loving arms for to retreat

Gnash and gnarl obsenities cried
you still feel though you think you died

No escape from within this jail
open your eyes you are now in hell

Response by self

Flickering darkness wraps us round
Dark embrace to bring us down

Into a place where monsters lay
Contemplating the demise of Day.

Speaking softly, we'll go see
Are monsters searching for you and me?

Yes. We must away this place
Find a way to win the race

For monsters come, and who can tell
The others about the darkest hell?

Response by The Motorcycle Boy

Dark destruction lays in wait
Whilst sanity starts to disintegrate

Up is down and down is up
Why not drink from the poisoned cup

There is nothing waiting in the darkness
No bloody carcass

But the mind can play tricks
Life can end with just a few clicks

Response by self

Come quickly now, hasten your pace
For we must cannily leave this place

Flee from this hell under darker sway
And emerge at last to the trembling Day

But wait. A noise. What did you hear?
A monster, drawing ever near?

Then hide, my friend, and I'll hide too
Perhaps it will not trouble you...

But if I fall, remember this:
The key to Heaven resides in a kiss.

Response by Greenize

Monsters are not what I fear
for there is no light to see them here

I fear the dark the blackest night
it does no good this gift of sight

Led only by the sound of screams
wake me from these hellish dreams

I dare not taste a kiss unseen
the monsters lips decayed unclean

Thanks to Greenize and Motorcycle Boy for their responses in this poem

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by smyleegrl

has the effect of a "witch's chant" from "Charmed", very cool!

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