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Ambassador Stephens Death and the Coming Military Coup

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posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 07:12 PM

Originally posted by robobbob
reply to post by Kali74

Not you, or anyone else publically, know whether or not the military was ordered to stand down. Without an investigation, we will never know. What facts are known:

The most powerful commander of American forces in the MENA was suddenly announced to be stepping down early from the position and putting in early retirement, weeks after the Libya fiasco.
An admiral was relieved from duty in mid-deployment at one of the most dangerous places on earth. Something that hasn't happened in twenty years.

The president, and his staff have been caught flat out lying over what they knew and when they knew it. Claiming to be in the dark over a spontaneous mob action when in fact they had received prior warnings an attack was coming, and had watched the attack unfold live on drone video for SEVEN HOURS. Rather then admit it was a planned terrorist attack, they spent weeks scapegoating a dupe, who was jailed, not to mention tried to springboard it into an excuse to shutdown free speech on the internet. After the fact, BHO tried to say he had ordered all available forces to respond, yet BHO's own Panetta said no action was taken because it was too dangerous.
These are the admitted facts and documented events.

Which is it? knew it was terror or not? issued orders or no orders given? The most powerful military on earth took no action even though BHO said orders were given. Because they were incompetent? insubordinate? because orders were never given? or because the orders were to stand down?

The whole dog ate our homework excuse has been blown to pieces. BHO knew what happened, while it was happening. The question is what did he do, or not do, and why. If this is a conspiracy-truth site, why are you waving the big "move along, nothing to see" sign?

The whole situation based on the known facts stinks. The only question is whether its coming from incompetence, or conspiracy.
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Most everything associated with these wars for bases and resources and pipeline routes and opium and arms sales and currency manipulation and all the rest of the racket are based on fictions by pathological liars.

Is anyone really surprised?

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