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In Search For a Soul [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 12:06 AM

In Search for a Soul

In this battling place where flesh and soul
oppose each other with fierce competition,
I found my earthly substance.

Inside this strange abode,
I try with difficulty to touch my soul
but my flesh beckons me,
away from my breath of life
commanding a strange and foreign allegiance to this world.

Alien child in a theater of war.

I cry forth my first injustice in this place called earth.
Running from these carnal holds I burst out for freedom
because I know I am bound in chains, shackled by the unseen enemy.

This mortal frailty that cries for heaven and fears oblivion.
The forces coming between life and death.

I can't touch my soul.

A form rises before my eyes, giving way to wings torn.
Spirit walker dressed in fire, whispering like the wind
enticing the flesh of emotions, ushering me to draw near.

...words sounding....
"relinquish all and give flight to the flesh in carnal in the fire of my release"

Threatening vice around my flickering soul.
Haunting and driving the torment ever closer.......
souls turmoil inside his fist, squeezing and choking
the life out of me with chains around my neck.

hearing ... "torment their hearts with desire.....
I will make you forget who you were....
I will breathe them in and inhale their flesh inside this dance".
"Taste me................and I will ignite you inside my cold fire".

Here you can bewitch our mortal coils in longing....
...within the reflection of things yearned in pain,
embalmed life with memories coiled like a snake.

Oh cruel contradiction of our understanding
in this dark place taken captive by the flesh.

The tormenting whisper taunting ......
never relenting, "come and taste me".
The cruel and bitter lie that snares the lonely and the lost.

I cannot touch my soul.

Still life......puppeteering fleshly desires of want and fleeting release.
A life of death in haunting things, a dead garden. Oh tortured souls
desperate for forgotten happiness, pregnant with desires.

Alone we may be, alone we cry in hope to be heard...................
this alien realm of battered flesh.

I recall my home ...........
in my souls memory
the call of my spirit........where the flesh is obsolete.
In the purity of HIS HOLY Light, crystal palaces adorn
HIS Magnificence. Love inside HIS peace abound
in all that is good. There is no darkness.....not even night.

No demon disguises of beauty and dark pleasures,
where all things real are abandoned.

Inside the mirror of the flesh an angel of darkness
with butterfly wings serves
a platter of rage to aid your loneliness in its cup of death and nothingness.

It is the pain that unsheaths the tears of hiding.
But what be the difference between here and there you ask,
if flesh is all that is remembered?

Pain is pain if not moreso, and solitude stands alone always watching. ...
and the yearning never stop yearning their passion for desire. ....
and the loving keep loving while they are hurting... ....
and the dreamers pacify with sleep in hopes of never waking....

and the lonely are forgotten in cemetaries yet to be laden

and the scared only fear onward as time captures
their torment in the hour glass that can't escape...
and the cruel keep torturing.....never caring......reaping cries

and the hungry never die full ....
and the full always die hungry ....

and the lies twist themselves shapeless
so that all reside in deciet....corruption and vice...
and the lovely grow old ...and soiled
and the wise never really learn because they believed they knew everything ...

and the ignorant remain protected...but fall in the end...
and the unprotected build walls of illusions.............
finding ways to numb the pain....

and the poor grow wiser only to die unheard
while the rich and greedy kill G-d....
constructing worlds of their decay in celebration

and the blind lead those that can see..........
and those that can see are deaf to truth

and they all fall down.....

It is a world lost............
A people forgetting themselves inside the ancient rebellion.....
disembarked and lost in search of a soul.

So you spirit of this world ask me to follow,
where I will never die. I say this to you.

"You are the dead trapped in this world of flesh.
With all your pearls and shackles.
You devour the souls of men as immortality evades you.
You lie, cheat, rape and steal the sacrifice of all who you decieve".
Cruel spirit of Abaddon.

Even in my dreams you tormented me, but there I lived the memory forever already.
Claiming nothing and knowing no more than when I was first awake. In the beginning of time.
The place you fell from exiled for eternity.

In this lonesone search within our carnal disposition
I know the gentle thread that binds us all to this mortal coil we call life from spirit born.

But there is only one Saviour and only one truth.
You cannot serve two masters and know truth or life, save by One.
One is the dark deciever and the other the Light of the Way.

You must choose life or death.
If you are lured by an enchantress and her beauty,
and lay waste to the soul, then there you shall surely die.

Spirit of this world, you have attempted to drive me to oblivion.
You have attempted to rob me of my Light and when that failed
you laid the hand of death upon my shadow.
Only to be rebuked by the true Fire.

In all measure of attempts you have tried to beat me down.
I will even show you the knife you used to try and kill my soul one beat at a time.

How long before you understand that I have penetrated your veil inside the death of your enticing dance.
Dark mutilated matter that you are.
How long before you recognize that you have fallen?

For not all are lost in the search for a soul.
When I was learning about
the darkness of every man's soul in the matrix of your fall,
you mocked my innocense while trying to corrode my hidden faith.

I cried often until you taught me the vulgarity of weakness.
You made me walk through many killing fields
and pointed always to many tormenting roads.
Spilling my blood in heartache.

You tried to make my artery a dark void ........
resenting the luminescence that ignited my every step.

You tried to plunder and extinguish the truth
so that I too would be lost.

When you could not steal, convert, destroy, or manipulate it from me....
you tried to convince me that life abandoned me. When all your attempts failed
I was to be a child born in your hatred and attempted persecution
until you could touch me no more.

I am spirit in a body.
This flesh, a momentary vessel sheathed in HIS Light for the battle
against you. Accomplished inside the great mystery.

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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 12:52 AM
Nice submission. An interesting take on the bonds of life over death. I liked this submission a lot. The writing is sobering. S+F

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 01:41 AM
I liked this submission allot Egyptia it was very interesting..peace,sugarcookie1 S&F

posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by sugarcookie1
I liked this submission allot Egyptia it was very interesting..peace,sugarcookie1 S&F

Thanks is stranger than fiction.

posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 09:49 PM
Very beautiful.... And haunting. Liked very much! S+F! Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoy reading stories from the soul. And frankly, that felt like one.

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by Amarri
Very beautiful.... And haunting. Liked very much! S+F! Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoy reading stories from the soul. And frankly, that felt like one.

Thanks Amarri. Sometimes it's difficult putting into words the things of the soul vs flesh, but I believe that the soul always has much to say. Words are secondary to everything we feel and process and often inadequate but the hope is that what is translated is at least a window through that world.

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