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Al Qaeda in my town? Everywhere!

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 09:57 PM
Psy Op thread title playing on your paranoia

I could't find this anywhere on here so I thought I would post.

By giving Islamic terrorists a collective term we created an organisation that didn't previously exist. I remember hearing about our 'free' press being banned from using the term terrorist when reporting on bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq, these were to be called insurgents.. This was so the public at home didn't make the connection that our troops were being killed in daily terrorist attacks.

When it came to home grown terrorists, I remember reports detailing just how easy it was to make a bomb.. the breaking news report would list the ingredients! Then repeat 'home grown terrorists' and then repeat how easy it was to find all you need on the internet.

If any Muslim person out there was feeling persecuted (understandably) we fabricated an organisation that they could associate themselves with and pointed them towards the ingredients to make a bomb.. Then they repeated it day after day for years. News reports home grown terrorists, find bomb making materials on the internet.

We manufactured Islamic terrorism, by isolating them in our society through false flag attacks such as 7/7 and 9/11. What we should do is apologize for the crimes of our leaders and start treating all human life as equal.

If you knew a million Christians died in America at the hands of an invading Muslim force, who sold your resources and destroyed your country.. maybe you would become a freedom fighter.. sorry I mean Insurgent/Terrorist.

This New World Order plan was designed a long time ago and many more people have to die to make it a reality.
The main reason why Islam is not compatible with the new world order is..

"Islamic banking.
Ethical Loans – Are They Worth Their Weight in Gold?

The requirements for any Islamic financing are:
No interest.
No investment in gaming or alcohol.
No substandard mortgages.
All investors take part in profit and loss.
With these ethical standards in place, banks are also obligated to pay a portion of the money in
zakat (charity) to the poor."

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by rolfharriss

Is this a joke?

If there was nothing back then, what the hell are they fighting now? Oh yeah, a bunch of pissed off natives.

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 09:45 AM
Ahh” the power of nightmares”, this little 10 minute clip is used all the time on ATS to claim that “al-Qa’ida does not exist”, that they “made it up” with shouts of look at what all these cleaver people have to say about how “they” all lied to use about Al-Qa’ida.

Shame that it’s the least understood 10 minute youtube clip about Al-Qa’ida ever.

First off all, at no point do they say that Al-Qa’ida was not responsible for the attacks of 9/11, in fact when asked Allan Curtis who directed and wrote the documentary said he found no evidence that anyone other than “Al-Qa’ida” was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Peter Taylor who co-wrote the documentary and presented it, also a BBC journalist also makes it very clear in his book “talking to terrorists that Al-Qa’ida was a very real threat at the time of the 9/11 attacks and before those attacks. The same goes for Jason Burke who is the main guy that conspiracy theorists turn to when they want to say Al-Qa’ida never existed, the only thing is that none of you understand what Burke is talking about. If one actually bothers to read Burkes books (I have read them all) or reads many of his articles then you will start to see that he sees Al-Qa’ida as a ideal rather than a terrorist organisation, he actually argues that Al-Qa’ida is more dangerous than the government have us believe in some regards. That is what he is talking about in this 10 minute clip, that Al-Qa’ida as a terrorist organisation with global reach does not exist, but the idea of bin Laden’s “Al-Qa’ida” is a very real threat. When conspiracy theorists use this video clip they only hear what they want to hear, if you go read these guy’s books and other works its quite clear that they all say Al-Qa’ida exists.

Bother Peter Taylor and Jason Burke actually say that Al-Qa’ida came into existence in its first version in 1988, by saying that America gave them the name what they are actually talking about is that this is the first time that America seen and used the name Al-Qa’iad and why this was useful to them. Yes it is true that Bin Laden only used the name Al-Qa’ida after 9/11 publicly however if one reads Al-Qa’ida history it starts popping up in 1995 and is first seen used documentation regarding to formation of Al-Qa’ida in 1988. Also in the 1998 fatwa, a organisation called the “world Islamic front for Jihad against the Jews and Crusaders” is used, many say that this group was synonyms with Al-Qa’ida. Furthermore, Bin Laden himself is known to have disliked the name Al-Qa’ida and sought to change it after 9/11. The name is not important it is the ideal that the group promoted.

Again, the documentary is very selective when discussing the battle of Tora-Bora, for example it makes it sound as if this when the British came in they found no evidence of Al-Qa’ida. What the documentary does not talk about is the accounts of Dalton Fury and the CIA SAD JAWBRAKER Team who fought Al-Qa’ida in that battle along with Afghan rebel forces. Not only where Al-Qa’ida present but they even have solid proof that Bin Laden was present at the battle as Fury, intercepted his communications to his fighters and heard Bin Laden speaking. By the time the British arrived all Al-Qa’ida fighters had retreated and that is why they didn’t find any.

The truth is that if one actually bothers to watch all of these documentaries in full, you will see that they are comparing the rise of neo-conservatism with violent Islamic fundamentalism this is a very important academic concept to grasp when discussing the nature of Al-Qa’ida. It is important to understand how neo-conservatives, such as those in the bush administration used the threat to promote their foreign policy however this does not mean they “created” Al-Qa’ida.

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