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Here is my newest song: "Death to the NWO"

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 07:34 PM
Death to the NWO
I just wanna say, that I love you all,
homie listen to the picture that I'm bout to draw,
cuz in my dream, I saw, you and I, side by side,
with our middle fingers up, saying # the law,
not the one that was put here by our founding dads,
but the many that were put here by goldman sachs,
I think for myself, # everybody else,
cuz I got a mental mold to crack,
SuperManning is back, and I just stole the track,
treat the mic like carpet, when I fold it back,
betta fear it, like I told you that,
and I don't give a shat, what?
You don't really wanna see me, when you're blind as a bat,
and then you open up your eyes, and have a heart attack,
in the middle of a war, but who started that?
it's on the back of a dollar, better hollar back,
and if you see it like I see it, better join the pack,
# Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Carnegie,
Yall do what thou wilt, and follow Aleister Crowley,
and sacrifice kids, at bohemian grove,
and we coming for you bitches, like Alex Jones,
Yeah that was me that called his phone,
Screaming Death to the big NWO,
Where the # is Bill Gates?
cuz I wanna be the one to jump on his head like a trampoline,
and meet him in an alley, feed him GMO, and stick him with his own vaccine,
You know what I mean?
I'm sick of all these mother#ing psychopaths trying to rule the world,
using booze and girls, movies, music, and the video games, cuz it's sure to cause a fool to hurl,
when you read, their papers and eventually, you'll see em all try to tell you that war is peace,
While the U.N. traffics little kids, and women for sex, and then hides behind a press release,
It's the mark of the beast, and everybody wanna bow,
makes me wanna knock a mother#ing ass out
and I don't even really wanna fight,
but when theres evil in my face,
I am a man of the light,
and there is no point to life, when everything is rigged and nobody knows what's going on,
and when you try to tell em whats up, like who really took down the towers and cooked the bombs,
they say "you're crazy," and that "You're theory is of conspiracy,"
I'm just trying to tell the truth, and none of you #in' sheeple hearing me,
and its pisses me off, where's the journalists at? cuz the mainstream media only fabricates,
so many lies of so many guys like the bilderberg heavy weights,
and it levitates, and I ain't talkin' bout a magic rug,
yall are bound to fail, like the war on drugs,
when the people wake up and take back our world, in revolt against all you thugs,
# the TSA, the Pervs always gotta get a nut, lookin' for a bomb in yo butt,
gropin on ya kids and ya wife, if I miss another flight, bitch I'm a come # you up,
Guess what? Obama sucks, Mitt Romney sucks, both lie and they both will fall,
ain't no right or left, that #'s a fraud, I only registered republican to vote Ron Paul,
and the jokes on yall, cuz nobody ever even had a say,
these crooks don't play, use BPA in plastic just to make you gay,
in every way, they take your pay, and spend it just to show you are a slave,
on things that can and will be used against you if you misbehave,
no time to stall, not really any time at all, so don't ride the wall,
better figure out, what ya gonna do, when yo duty call, keep track of the enemy and fry em all,
Cuz they have the gall, to look you into your eyes and lie to you,
and no matter what you say or feel, or anything you try to do,
you always been their slave, but you never gave an eye or 2,
or listened with your ears, mongered fears, from the bible dude,
I did a time or 2, to me this #'s poetic,
and it's imbedded in my brain, so that I can't forget it,
I wanna it know it all, don't wanna be kept in the dark,
and fed bull# like a mushroom, while I watch them tear the whole #in' world apart,
and world is dark, but the only by the hands of a banking few,
and they thanking you, for giving up on life, and the bill of rights, so they can stick a #in' shank in you,
while you pay into, a system that was only designed to cut you down and split your family like a log,
our right to life is in flames, do you go and get a gun? or bring a mother#ing hotdog?
Cuz when it pops off, are you gonna stand up with your neighbor, or just go along,
We the awake, are like flintstone vitamins, 10 million strong
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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 08:13 PM
I enjoyed it, good lyrics friend.

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by ProspectPhilosopher
I enjoyed it, good lyrics friend.

Thanks. Spread it if you like it yall!

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 09:36 AM
Aye fam, enjoyed that 100 bars of wisdom! bout to listen to some more of your stuff. If youd like to check out some of my stuff i made a thread with a bunch of free music here Mad respect for the message. stay true!

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