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Her Hair [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 07:26 PM
In my mind's eye this is the Love of a man in the depth of his heart in surrendering to his woman his everything.

Her Hair

What tender fragrance frees me
from these mortal bonds?

Azure-lapis dripping aphrodisiacs,
in the sunlight of her hair.....

dancing in the splendor of your locks
dauntingly unafraid to pursue and devour me...

Her smile traps me.....
with lips designed for my supplication.

My gentle flesh, in these locks of paradise......

I dissolve...immersed

In this ocean springing forth from
your ebony avarice, willingly and free
to cover me in the luxury of your sweet

oh rythmic sea.

I take refuge in the alcove and bounty
of your desire. Within your ravishing forest
... seductive shades ...of wild mane that shelters me
inside your cirrus hold.....

I am lost inside your essence.

Heart beats combined in the fire of exhale......
I grow drunk in your languorous shrine.

Tassles of soft rapture, in keeping with the gentle tides
of swooning caresses.

From the tender neck that rests an undying beauty,
ageless sea of ebony inside the cup of my embrace

I hold on....

and surrender my sleepy skin to this burning ocean, and sail upon
your vessel carrying forth your scent
for how ever long paradise will keep me.

And fear I,
for the longing....

that my servant hands will yearn......

to touch in agony,
your langorous shrine........
if one should disapear
from me.....................
My ebony sea of felicity.

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