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Draw your own believes

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 06:14 PM
Mods: i felt this article was best placed here as my message is not about religion but about the self, religion is this story is just and means to the end

So this is the fifth attempt at writting this article, the words just seem to not want to come out in the right way and if they dont this post might be taking badly out of its context. And that might cause my true point not to come out the way it should be. I hope you read thru the end without posting in between my goal is not too offend but too share something i have learned.
even after reading it a couple of times my self im not sure about posting however i will take the gamble and place my faith in ATS to take this for what it is.

The aim is too bring some understanding about the religious programming out there i hope you can agree that their is alot of choice as to what to believe in. Just think of all the different gods and believes thru out time. All of them have somethings in common in the end their worship is to something higher then us, and they enforce a certain set of rules upon us all. Its these rules that programming that is the problem of the the religions and mostly they come from the insitutaions behind them. Religion plays on mankinds oldest questions “why am i here?” and “How did i get here?”. My understanding is that most religions if not all will give you an answer to this. By answering these questions for you they “ask” you to behave in a certain way and abide by certain rules (programming). Most importantly dont question the answers they give you.

Awesome right someone does all your thinking for you and all you have to do is, do what they tell you. This is the point where your own mind gets programmed, they taken out our own thoughts on the matter and you have become dependant on them for answers. First rule of programming make that person depanded on you. Kids are the easy targets because they depent on someone to provide for them. First rule of religion in most cases “get them young”. If you can implent your programming into someone at a young age they might not even question you at all not even when they are older. And the ones that do have to sift thru all the old programming first just to make some changes. We all know where religious debate lead to alot of fighting and discussions, and in the end nobody realy changed their minds, programming at its best people.

The believe in heaven and hell is one of the first things that gets brought in with programming, the one certain thing in life is death and the fear that might come with it is used for this programming. Someone that is afraid of death will do everything they can to be on the good side. In the end nobody realy wants to be on the bad side when their life ends, no matter what your believes are admit it you want to be in in the good side when you die. Someone that has been programmed from a very young age will have problems later on in life if they feel the need to question their believes. Because its so fundementaly in their being you cant just wipe it all away at once. If that happens you might find a completly broken person with no will left, and can you blame them? Just imagine that over night you will lose everything you have your job, house, family, car everything POOF gone.
Your world is shattered same goes for religious programming you have to question them one by one, and the deeper they are the more time it takes. Most dont want to spend years reading, learning and thinking just to improve their own selfs. We got other things to do things that take up our thoughts and time. No room for the self anymore there just isnt the time or the will. Plus it can be a bit of pain to look deep into yourself you might find things you dont like about yourself.

Let me try and explain thru my own experiences, in a previous article i touched the subject of my own expierence in dealing with darkness, good, conditioning/programming and what i have learned from them. Well untill i started seeking for answers about two years back i never had any religious teaching none zero. The only time i went to a church was for funerals its sad but true, also an blessing in disguise. Because their is no underlying programming of what it all is or should be. I was presented with an etch a sketch when i did started looking for the answers. Why an etch a sketch? When i find fault in something i believe its easy to change just shake and redraw, no old programming in the way to stop me.
I dont know the answers to the questions either am still looking for them myself and trying to make sense of the many different explanations out their when it comes to religion. Am not able to try and explain my believes, even if i was they are beside the point of this post.

Reading back i feel someone might feel offended in a way, please dont be its not my intention to do so. The biggest point am trying to make is ask they questions for your self instead of having someonbe else answer them for you. Follow YOUR heart when it comes to god, dont just accept someone elses programs make your own. Get your own etch a sketch with your own drawing on it.

In the beginning i said i had difficulties writting this article after reading it you might understand why. Its a touchy subject to begin with and easily taken out of context. However i feel the need to share it for the simple reason that the questioning of my own programming has showed me that programming is a free minds assassin.

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 07:33 PM

I can see why you were not sure if you should post your article or not, it's a touchy subject for sure but I think it came across nicely and I don't think it seemed offensive at all.

I agree that we should always question and not accept things just because we are told that we should. Programming as you call it can be very dangerous to a person. I think this applies to all sorts of things and not just to religion either.

I don't think that all people that subscribe to a religion are brainwashed. I think some truly do question for themselves if the doctrines of their religion are in line with their hearts - however, I do feel that some people do take religion at face value and they don't think for themselves at times. I find that a bit sad. I also don't think that god necessarily equals religion but that for some maybe religion is a way to god.

Thank you for the article, it has made me think which is never a bad thing

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by Miri08

Thank you for your reply, am glad to hear the post came over as intended.
You are right this programming comes from way more things then just religion but as religion has been with us clearly the longest of all i thought it was a good example.

I life together with about 20 people and we share a common livingroom(its close to a 100 but not all come to this common room). From time to time the religious debate comes up and it seems everybody believes in their own way. Taking bits and pieces from the various believes out there that they feel good with. I think most of us do this Take out the good and leave the bad.

however, I do feel that some people do take religion at face value and they don't think for themselves at times. I find that a bit sad.

Its this "group" of people i feel that some of our leaders are in, am aware that the mayority of this "group" has nothing to do with any of things going on on our global stage at the moment. In fact they suffer the most from the actions preformed by those few. While its those few that in my eyes should see the bigger picture.

I also don't think that god necessarily equals religion but that for some maybe religion is a way to god.

I agree, you can believe in god without following an religion and thru religion you can get an idea of what god could be and thus provide a way to god.


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