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The End [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 06:13 PM
The End

An eye and ear to let me see,
adjusting his view of a pretty seen.

A smell of clever just been missed,
by one whom strides amongst those spies
and makes of it not odd but misleading.....

Mine eye...

A wind of strength,
that blow thee from
what used to be a spot of love.
But now we see our truth that hid
beneath the mind of something missed.

And now we lie but in despair of no knowledge
of a leading lair......


Oh leave me not but in contempt,
to fare with gold laden queens whom wear laurel in their hair.
Whom throw you glance with needling eye.

Coy smiles in advance.

Thrown in the avarice
of your deception.

Oh fellow man whom sorrow spilt upon my apron with no guilt.
Whom turned around and gave me lifeless touch.
With a saltry embrace to show your farewell.

And leave me but freed from a love that was creed,
void in crypt.

Oh selfish Prince cannot proclaim
the honour that which was but acclaimed
and battered away with a club of iron
and melted into my heart.

But in dismay I plead you not,
but with a scornful tear,


Oh my young and feeble man,
if only you could spare one hand,
and feed me with a truthful seed.
My Princely half that grows with stain left ill,
marking me with a bitter pain.

And so I gave to you
my solemn good-bye.

Watching from the corner of one eye,
you blew my way a sweetly stinging kiss
........and said....

The End.
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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 06:18 PM


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