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A Chance Encounter [CTPWC} WARNING - LONG

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 04:59 PM
A Chance Encounter
By 200Plus

I could not die in the heat of rage
I was not ready to give in.
My comrades fought and battled on
to fail would be my sin.

My axe shattered upon a shield
my dagger slick with gore.
I fell upon the field that day
my brothers gone forever more.

I heard a maiden call my name
and it made me feel at home.
I would be chosen from the slain
my soul it would not roam.

I saw her there in silver chain
sword and shield she held with pride.
"Come with me now, great drighten"
she said as she neared my side.

"A king's life you leave behind,
a warrior's life, now is yours.
A walkeriun you know is what I am
I'll lead you to Walhall's doors."

Do not call my name just yet,
lest my men do victory claim.
Fore if they falter or misstep
it is I that holds the blame.

I their King, their drighten born
by Walsing's blood this is my right
I've led these men for too long now
always eager for the fight.

Oh maiden of Wodan's law,
please grant me one small thing
allow me time to see my men
and hear them in glory sing.

Hear how they praise the one eyed God
and call out to see his halls
They have followed me in his name
fore my bloodline starts with Wals.

They know that you have called to me
and prepare my funeral pyre.
A thousand men will come to see
thier leader's end in fire.

A dragon ship now sails away
with the few that do remain.
They go back home to my halls
to the widows and thier pain.

My sons will grow to mighty men
to the sea they'll go with pride.
One day soon they'll hear your voice
and they'll battle by my side.

I can see my oldest son
he'll lead my warrior band.
He's eager with the battle lust
my axe held in his hand.

Mark him well, maiden of Walhall
and protect him in the fight.
His mind is fast, his arm is strong
my crown shall be his right.

And look upon my second child
though in his younger years.
He takes the news of my death,
with pride and not with tears.

He knows my band will not be his
but he'll make one of his own.
A kingdom will be his one day
by the time that he is grown.

My youngest son, the little skald
he draws strength from the runes.
He too shall lead men one day,
may Wodan grant him boons.

Is it vain to think they all shall grow
to be mighty kings of men?
My father thought the same of me
when he left our little glen.

Thirty years ago he sailed away
to conquer a distant shore.
Yet when his men returned to us
my father led no more.

They made me thier drighten then,
my birthright came too soon.
My father's axe was passed to me
beneath a warrior's moon.

That night I became a man
the moon rose high and red.
My men all gathered round me
thoughts of battle filled my head.

We sailed upon an angry sea
to the place of my father's fall.
I took the land and made it mine
the people were put in thrall.

Gold I piled upon my men
from the warriors out of Rome.
I gave all glory to Wodan
I kept none for my own.

I thanked her for my vision,
and said "let us now depart."
Wodan's hall is calling me
I can hear it in my heart.

She walked me up to Wodan's hall
and stood beside me there.
Before she left, she drew her sword
and cut a locket from her hair.

"Great and noble drighten,
Walsing's child you are.
Carry this small piece of me
as you battle in the stars."

"I choose the slain at Wodan's call
I do not enter mortal's fight.
But think of me in wars to come
and the stillness of the night."

"You do not see a face you know,
I was not so lovely then.
When your father sailed away from me
and left us in that glen."

"A mortal woman I once was
and a mother to Walsing's line.
Your father's son you are for sure,
as much as you are mine."

"I'll look upon out mighty clan
and watch them grow to fame.
I'll see them die upon the fields
and maybe call thier name."

"It's not a woman's role to fight
but we know the pain of war.
Our sons and lovers sail away
and return to us, never more."

I saw a tear role down her cheek
as she turned and left me there.
Thoughts of mother came to me
as I held that lock of hair.

She stood beside me years ago
when my father sailed away.
And a single tear rolled down her cheek
just as it did this day.
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posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 08:05 PM
It was long!

But good!

My favorite lines

"Great and noble drighten,
Walsing's child you are.
Carry this small piece of me
as you battle in the stars."

It was very moving that the maiden was his mother. Not to sound cliche but that was indeed a epic piece of poetry, and you are an excellent storyteller. I really liked this one, it reminded me of reading tolkiens poetry but with a Viking twist! I also am a fan of historical stuff, and this was a great way to take the theme of the contest and blend it with something historical. S&F!

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 08:59 PM
Thanks for the kind words. I made sure to warn people it was long. LoL

More of a saga than a poem I guess.

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by 200Plus

For a long poem, that had a very nice flow to it, and read easy.
Sometimes a lifetime can be expressed in a few words.
And sometimes a moment can be expressed in a paragraph!

Thanks for sharing your Encounter with us here! Good work .

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