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Nuclear Reactors Endanger Citizens of the World By Allowing New EMP Weapons and Unmanned Drones

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 12:44 PM
Nuclear Reactors Endanger Citizens of the World By Allowing New EMP Weapons and Unmanned Drones

It seems to me that military technology has outgrown common sense.

There are now EMP weapons out there in this world that are capable of shutting down Nuclear Power Plants Electronically from a great distance.


It also seems to me that if there was ever going to be a False Flag Event that could happen in the future, it seems to me that the easiest way for it to occur is for some nut cases out there in this world to drive down a road and aim such an EMP weapon at ANY Nuclear Reactor and the Nuclear Reactor would be shut down instantly, electronically from a distance; this can now be carried out by unmanned drones carrying such equipment.

People all over the world are now endangered because these EMP weapons can easily shut down Nuclear Power Plants from a distance and start Nuclear Melt Downs anywhere in the world!!!

The above list doesn't include institutional nuclear reactors all over the world that are used by universities and the likes.

Either the security has to be stepped up drastically around all of these nuclear power plants and not allow any traffic on the ground or in the air for 10s of miles, or our world as we know it will be soon be in a cataclysm of terror from more than likely from the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security or U.S. Border Patrol giving and training people in this country or other countries how to use EMP weapons and/or Unmanned Drones and supplying them with them; just as other weapons have been given and training supplied in the past to other countries citizens.

There needs to be some drastic laws created to stop this kind of terrorism from happening BEFORE IT HAPPENS!!!!

How many Fukushima type events do we have to go through?

All some stupid people would have to do is to fire an EMP weapon at a Nuclear Power Plant and the electronics in that power plant would go down instantly and basically no one would ever know why that nuclear power plant suddenly went into melt down mode.

These weapons could take out nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers out in the Oceans and pollute our oceans even more.
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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 04:12 PM
I personally feel that the powers that be control almost all terrorism. The War on Terror is a made up fake war. It's a tool that is used to advance an agenda. Therefore it is my belief that any serious attack on a nuclear power plant will be one that has been sanctioned in advance at the very highest levels.

With this being the case any security measures in place would be easily neutralized or circumvented. Therefore I feel that EMP weapons are much less of a threat than might appear on the surface.

However, if we're talking vulnerabilities to impacts from space, solar activity, or the lone nut then put me in the 'concerned' camp.

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