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Syria..... a load of (Bullet Spraying).

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posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 03:11 AM
Ok, I have been keeping an eye on the Syrian conflict for the last week or so and I am sick and tired of seeing what seems to be acts of terrorism or crimes against humanity. As much as I disprove of Assad shellin the crap out of Syria,, I find it very hard to find a reason why he wouldn't. The acts of the so-called FSA don't seem to help the scenario.

As we all know, the Assad regime agreed to a ceasefire which was only to be broken after a car bomb exploded in Damascus. Was that Assads fault? No. The FSA are not coming to the party... Today I am watching the news and a report comes over that the FSA have Assad fighters prisoner. Thats fine, but what they are doing is a crime against humanity and our countries should be in their preventing acts like this. The FSA are beating, kicking and executing prisoners.

People need to see what cowards these people are. I'm sure they have been pulling the same crap on innocents who do not support there cause. The FSA (Foreign Services Army) are nothing more than terrorists and even if they are only executing enemy soldiers who were caught, it still doesn't make it right. It is murder. I really don't know what else to say... The more I see on this conflict, the more I hope Assad succeeds.

If I haven't explained myself properly, sorry... I get really angry when people back those cowards yet overlook they very crimes they are commiting themselves with the weapons our nations are supplying them with. I think Syria needs intervention, but even if that was to occur, I cannot see it coming without more bloodshed and a western assault on Assad while the FSA pretty much take the country for themselves..

I'm sure the news has hit every msm across the globe but I haven't seen it posted here as yet. maybe my end of ATS hasn't updated, I don't know but here it is..

A new video appears to show Syrian rebels killing a group of captured soldiers, spraying them with bullets as they lie on the ground, in what human rights groups warn could be a war crime.

It is a war crime...

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