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The Most Important Presidential Election In History--Will We Survive?

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:34 PM
When I think about the things we as a nation and even our entire world will encounter over the next four years, I have recently begun to believe this will be the most important presidential election ever. Had anyone else said that to me as recently as a month ago I probably would have dismissed it as hyperbole. The truth is some things are exactly as advertised and some things aren’t. That’s our world today.

As Americans there are dozens and dozens of issues that could and should be seriously considered regarding the candidates, their experience, character (or lack thereof), thought process, beliefs, etc. Then there is the vast majority of the Earth’s population who won’t have a vote in our election, yet will be very directly affected by the outcome. What about them?

I may or may not like the current president, but the string of deceit and broken promises is irrefutable. His challenger, as with most if not all politicians, doesn’t seem to be bringing a much better reputation to the table either. I will stipulate the benefit of a doubt regarding many controversial decisions made in the past because I will never know what went on behind the scenes in secrecy that actually should stay there. Accepting that there must be numerous threats, crisises, or other actions or events that truly would cause more harm than good if the general public knew about such things, and adding in the things we do know, the POTUS is not such an attractive job.

Consider, in no particular order, what to expect in the next four years:
• you can count on unrest in the middle east, potentially including a nuclear strike somewhere and the US’ response
• possibly/probably the first mass biological or chemical attack somewhere on the planet and the US’ response
• energy resources
• global warming
• the evolving awareness of threats from the sky and how to prepare for such
• amazing technological advances the public may not be informed of for many years to come
• a runaway budget crises
• civil unrest and tension
• the worst economy in history
• natural disasters, expected or otherwise
• continued terrorist attempts on US soil
• the state of the world in general
• our mad race towards extinction as a species
• maybe the first undeniable UFO lands on the White House lawn
• don’t forget there’s always some lunatic stupid enough to be a real threat to the president’s life (I believe in respecting the office of president, even if the person in the position himself does not)

I now feel that sometime during this presidency decisions will be made of such magnitude they could dwarf all other previous presidential pronouncements combined. Who holds his hand steadiest on the “red button”, who is more likely to bend under pressure, and my personal choice as ultimately most important; who has the ability and willingness to surround himself with the best decision making team? I did not like Bill Clinton as a person, but history seems to indicate most of the people he put in powerful positions came through for the citizens of our country leaving us at least OK when they left. He could go eat a hot dog, stop at McDonald’s, chase skirts, play golf, or whatever his heart desired, and his team was in the background running relatively smoothly. We didn’t have to approve of their character because it was the eventual result (IMHO) that made the difference.

Therefore, knowing civilization itself, the lives of literally billions of people, and all of our future history is at stake I fear the outcome of next week’s election may leave us more vulnerable than ever before. Assuming our votes really do count and there are no hidden conspiracies robbing us of that right and the eventual result, we are likely determining the fate of the world next Tuesday.

That scares me, and I resent the fact that as a rational person it should worry me to this extreme. What do you think?

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:57 PM
My Uncle named Ben told me before he passed away said :

" With great power, comes great responsibility "

Now i only wish who ever becomes the next president apply these words to his actions.

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:59 PM
I think we'll limp along a bit longer. But I think it'll get a lot worse before it gets better. I think neither of the two presidential 'choices' have a chance in hell or a desire to enact real positive change though.

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 02:02 PM
No one can save us now.

But get out there and vote anyway.

Keep your powder dry.

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