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So you're a conspiracy theorist and you already know who is going to win the election...

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by severdsoul

Why, look at history, no president that has ran for second term has ever lost.

There have been plenty of presidents that didn't win a second term. The most recent being Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter.

There were several others as well. 10 if I remember right?

Here's a result of a very quick search.

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 07:30 PM
Obama will win, but it doesn't matter. It's just a horse race. If a bunch of us playing about on the internet can come up with schemes and subterfuge designed to enhance, protect and enact ultimate power, why wouldn't the human beings who have that power do the same? There's no difference between a corporation and a conspiracy. Humans working together in vastly complex organizations toward shared goals with fiercely protected secrets shared by an elite, right? The Presidency represents one ribbon in a long braid of a plan that stretches deeper in time and wider in space than any part of the official narrative acknowledges. Necessarily the game the fixed. What would you do, if you had that kind of power? We are encouraged to think in terms of decades. Every ten years is its own little sphere of history, like pearls on a string. We are not to think about the string. But without it, what would hold the pearls together?

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by darkhorserider

oops, guess that blow's my theory out of the water..
thanks for correcting me.. not sure why i didnt think of the obvious...
i blame the med's... thats my story and i'm stickin to it..

but i still say obama will win

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 08:09 PM
Consider this, Howard Dean was ousted from the race because he got too excited at a rally - he got too excited.

Consider this, Swift Boat Veterans for Manipulation managed to "sway" the election from Kerry.

Consider this, adding a complete idiot female VP to McCain's ballot made him a laughing stock.

Consider this, Romney called half the American Populace leeches, recorded and verified by him. Romney had a DISASTER of a foreign trip. Romney, is a Mormon. Romney's company is, at BEST a scumbag organization. I could go on.

So, given the "gaffes" and outright disastrous statements, not to mention the hair, the tan, the Stepford Wife, why is he in this at all?

While it is true, the Pres are all preselected, those in charge like to create as much conflict as they can during the process. The likely outcome for conflict is Romney, but not by much, in fact just enough that a recount has to be done where, remarkably, the TV stations and news outlets quietly stir up the black folks and help them see it's all racial.

Or, they select Obama and simply sink the American Ship a few weeks later.

posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 01:08 AM
Cheers to the US!

And well done to all the soothsayers on this thread before tonight.

Be it a pendulum, an educated guess or some luck; many did predict the outcome.

To the Mitt fans - it was a close call at times, and a grandiose effort.

But being in opposition has its important and positive sides too.

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