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Burlesque and Vaudeville !!!

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Well.. Im just sharing this
So, if youre in the St Louis area.. come on down and give a HELLO!! You wont see barbie dolls, silicone, routines that include pour some sugar on me/Rhianna S&M, and its all in tease and not the reveal!

Here's whats up tonight! The Absinthe Follies!

No.. its not "stripping". Its all a show.. vaudeville acts and burlesque dancing. Its FUN, FUNNY, BAWDY.. and a good rip roaring sawdust on the floor fun time! The audience is many times included.. and walking the audience is a must. Burlesque has a rich historical past as does vaudeville. The thing about burlesque, you set up the tease.. prop scenes for those prone to window peeping but too chicken to do it are my faves. LOL!

Start at 1:50 Crystal Starr.. the queen of the real bump n grind

Jayne barely showed any skin here.. it was a fleshtone dress!

This is a thing thats getting pretty popular in burlesque.. these darker more edgy scene set ups.. slow peels set ups to some pretty blue and strange stuff! LOL!

IMO the music is horrid.. but the routine is pretty cool!

If youre interested in Burlesque and Vaudeville.. youtube is great. Unfortunately I can not post many of the more blue routines.. the mods would lynch me..but you have google.
Look up "Burlesque Competition - Inga Ingenue" for one of the best burlesque routines Ive seen ina LOOOONG time... and its NOT full nudity. This routine has EVERY element of a good burlesque slow peel and reveal!


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