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My poem "Powers"

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 02:45 PM
Just a fairly short poem I wrote, What do you think?

The pilot is clueless, He can't control the plane,
us passengers are quiet yet the stewards are deranged,
I feel it in the air, their vision needs to change,
their system with its pistons has me in a mental cage,
Feel free to step in, the plane won't let me get in,
the right wing is burning to I'm swerving on the left wing,
funny what respect brings, all my people, fretting,
but I'll fight the power till the the other looters wreck things,
this is for my brethren, sitting in the gulags,
got two fags, a few snacks, could get more if we flew back,
beware the government and its recommended flu vacs,
don't bring the army in, the citizens may shoot back,
so who's that with drones above the middle east?
our leaders, preachers, teachers are spraying their riddled speech,
keywords include words riddled in deceit,
hope peace and change is all I seem to see,
in the media, well tell that to Syria,
I hope the rebels there don't create another Libya,
we got drones in their skies, the devils eyes,
and proxy wars in countries, where the rebels rise

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