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Love of the Damned

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:36 AM
I had posted this a couple of years ago, I changed the title but the rest is the same, It is my favorite poem to date. I hope you enjoy envisioning the scene as much as I do!

He lingered silently 'round many a grave
be it saint or priest or ghastly knave
hooded in black and crimson cloak
from between his lips boils blackish smoke
fingers gnarled and flesh decayed
vengence he seeks or so they say
putrid soul a maggots feast
once a man replaced by beast
He rides forth on ebony steed
filled with anger lust and greed
saber twisting in the air
curses spoken without care
eyes like fire penetrating heat
teeth like razors to tear the meat
ripping flesh from off the bone
cracking skulls with heavy stone
feasting on the rancid dead
a grisly means of being fed
until he has sated the beast within
he cracks the lid and eats again
search he does for the corpse of one
she broke his heart and it was done
he took his life after he took hers
he had to find where she was interred
she been lain in an unmarked plot
her flesh he needed lest it rot
stripped to the bone by those that squirm
maggot.. beatle.. and hungry worm
he thought that this would help him win
to calm the savage beast within
He knew one would tell
he was in fact living in hell
tormented was he both night and day
the lead actor in a macabre play
his was of course the only role
playing out inside his soul
there'll be no bows nor grand applause
you see in curtain calls

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